Holy Quran Center in Kosovo Praised

The Holy Quran Center in Kosovo affiliated with Al-Mustafa International University was lauded during a special ceremony held on March 12.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - the ceremony was held with the cooperation of Drita Cultural Association in Gjilan, the Islamic community in the city, Nositi Literary Society in Dardania, as well as Kurora Publishers Council.

The organizers praised the representative office of Al-Mustafa University in Kosovo for holding cultural seminars and research programs. Mohammad Bagher Salehi, Al-Mustafa’s representative in Kosovo, was also honored for his efforts to promote the Islamic culture in this part of the Balkans.

Speaking at the ceremony, Adam Moradi, an author, stressed the importance of preserving Islamic culture and traditions, and informing the coming generations of Muslim scholars’ attempts to guide Albanian people throughout history.

Also, Kazem Kazemi, academic member and rector of Islamic Studies Faculty of Pristina, referred to the influence of Iranian language and culture on Albanian language and literature as well as great national figures adding that the bilateral cultural relations between the two countries should be further studied and disclosed to all.

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