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source : IBNA

21 August 2017

6:18:25 PM

Imam Khomeini’s common views with Habermas observed ‎

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - In the book ‘From Political Legitimacy to Critique of Modernity’, Iranian ‎university instructor Garineh Keshishyan observes the common ideas of Imam ‎Khomeini and German Philosopher Jurgen Habermas.‎

In the Persian book From Political Legitimacy to Critique of Modernity’, Garineh Keshishyan (PhD), assistant professor and faculty member of the Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, investigates the transparency of the key phrase “political legitimacy” in the form of a comparative theory.

The book consists of the following five chapters; ‘Introduction to the Issue of Legitimacy’, ‘Methodology’, ‘Theoretical Framework of the Ideas of Imam Khomeini and Jurgen Habermas’, ‘Political Legitimacy as Viewed by Imam Khomeini and Jurgen Habermas’, and ‘A Critique of Modernity from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini and Habermas’ followed by a summary and conclusion.

Elaborating on the ultimate goal of the book, the author writes: “One of the most important concepts in political science is the concept of political legitimacy which constitutes one of the most important concerns of political thinkers.” (P. 9)

‘Imam Khomeini and Habermas are basically different in concepts; particularly in the concept of political legitimacy, but in the critique of modernity, and in many other cases, they share the same views.’ (P. 353)

This book is published in 379 pages in 1000 copies by Orouj Publishing House.