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source : MNA

22 March 2017

7:03:14 AM

Imam Khamenei's ‘Islamic Thought in the Quran’ published in English

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - English translation of the book by Iran’s Leader Imam Khamenei entitled ‘Islamic Thought in the Quran’ has been released.

The book is the fruit of holding twenty-eight consecutive sessions in Ramadan of the year 1974 by Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The theme of the printed work revolves around probing into basic principles involved in Islamic thought through a coordinated community approach and focusing of the Holy Quran.

The honorable lecturer, while putting a number of Quranic verses in each session, has recounted on certain dimensions of monotheism, prophethood and ‘Velayat’.

Interestingly enough, Imam Khamenei, by bringing up the topic of ‘faith’ in early sessions, takes the audience away from abstract concepts in a bid to familiarize them with practical outcomes of adhering to these principles in personal and social life.

The title was first published in Iran in 2013 while its English version is now available thanks to translation of Dr. Fazlollah Nikayeen.

The English edition of ‘Islamic Thought in the Quran’ can be retrieved free of charge from http://sahbabooks.com where Imam Khamenei’s other book entitled ‘Christ in the night of Glory’ is also downloadable.