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source : Malawi24

28 February 2017

4:40:26 PM

Translation of Quran published in Yao

Muslims in the African country of Malawi have hailed the translation of the Holy Quran into Yao language.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Muslim say the coming of the Yao version of the Quran will help them better understand the teachings in the book.

Sheikh Saad Malovu of Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe said a lot of Muslims in the country were not able to know information in Arabic language since many of them are not "Islamically educated”.

Sheikh Malovu disclosed that many of Malawi’s Muslims are of Yao tribe hence the book will help to disseminate information accordingly.

"As you know that 60 percent of Malawi Muslims speak Yao language. This is the best idea since people will now not be ignorant about the book,” Malovu said.

Jalafi Ziyabu, a Muslim teacher at Assalam in Mangochi district also expressed his excitement over the introduction of the book.

Ziyabu said that in the past he was facing challenges to pass information effectively to students due to language barrier.

"A lot of people in rural areas like in Mangochi don’t know other languages but only Yao. It was really hard for us to communicate effectively,” said Ziyabu.

The Yao version of the Quran has been translated by Sheikh Muhammad Silika from Blantyre Islamic mission (BIM).

According to Silika, it has taken him ten years to complete the whole work.

He said his aim was to allow Yao people who make a big population of the Muslim in the country to be able to read the book.