AhlulBayt News Agency

source : Islamfond.ru

5 February 2017

4:54:44 PM

“The Perfect Human” translation in Russian published in Baku

The Islamic Studies Foundation in Russia has published a Russian translation of “The Perfect Human”, a book written by Ayatollah Mortaza Motahari, in Baku, The Republic of Azerbaijan.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - According to islamfond.ru, in the end of 2016 Murtaza Mutahhari’s book — “Perfect Man” — entered the market of Russian-language books in Azerbaijan with the support of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation. This book was translated from Persian by M. Mahshulov and was prepared for publication by the well-known publishing house in Baku, “Parlag Imzalar”.

Earlier in 2008 this work of Mutahhari was published in Russia with the assistance of the Cultural Representative Office under the embassy of Iran in Russia and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation.

This book, one of the most popular works of the Muslim scholar Murtaza Mutahhari, contains an analysis of different schools’ views on the “perfect man” phenomenon. By studying Western and Eastern ideologies and analysing the author reaches a conclusion that only Islam, which is based on sacred laws and reflects other ideologies’ viewpoints, is able to raise a completely perfect man.

The book is well formatted and includes a bookmark with its title and the author’s name written in Azerbaijani. The edition is to be distributed within Azerbaijan. 

The foundation has also published a Russian translation of a book titled "Fatima is Fatima”, by Ali Shari’ati.

The Sadra Institute has cooperated in the publication of the work.