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source : Taqrib News

25 April 2016

9:22:53 AM

Italian author publishes “Role of Women in Muslim World”

Latest book co-authored by two Iranian and Italian writers discusses the role played by Muslim women in the world of Islam.

AhlulBayt News Agency - “Role of Women in Muslim World, discussions on historical political deduction” (Il Protagonismo delle donne in terra d’islam) is the title for the latest book co-authored by Iran’s Leila Karami and Italian author Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretti.
The book is a review of the roles played by women in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Indonesia.
Each chapter of the book includes a short history on the status of women in families and society and also the lifestyle and demands of women in each of the aforesaid countries.
This is an eccentric "history book", which starts from the centrality of the reality of women in the Muslim world. The movement for the emancipation of women in the family and social rights , the "state feminism ", the " Islamic feminism " , are cross-cutting phenomena in this vast world, but should be placed in historical contexts and very different geographical together.
The stories of individual countries - whose boundaries are always mutated, the season of the colonial empires and post-colonial period - resemble and differ, from Egypt to Syria, the Maghreb; others are cases in itself, as, for various reasons, Palestine, Turkey, Iran; others still live dramas without end, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and are crossed by deep contradictions, such as Pakistan and the Arab Peninsula, until cases are still little known as Indonesia.

These different stories are reconstructed interweaving them with the living conditions and role of women, but not without first described Islam, his lyrics, his history, religious divisions. Today the situation is dramatic, but, according to the authors, it would be misleading to believe that this does not make even more combative and purposeful leadership of the Muslim women who want to illustrate this book; a book based on a direct listening to the voice of women in the Muslim world, because "the voice of the other must be taken seriously, as a precondition to the demand that their voices be heard."