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source : IBNA

1 November 2015

7:34:25 AM

Karbala uprising reviewed in ‘Imam Hussein (AS) beyond Ashura’

The book ‘Imam Hussein (AS) beyond Ashura, reviews Karbala uprising and the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and considers Ashura an event in the light of faith.

‘Imam Hussein (AS) beyond Ashura’ is the title of a book authored by Mohammad Safari Kavkardi in which he explains the events of Karbala and the life of Imam Hussein from birth until martyrdom.

Those interested in this book can read about the birth of Imam Hussein (AS), items about the greeting of angels, and Imam Hussein’s accompanying his father and his life after Imam Ali’s martyrdom as well as the beginning of Imam Hassan’s Imamite.

The author continues to write about Mo`avieh’s ancestors and the ten-year period of silence observed by Imam Hussein (AS) in this review. Readers continue with some of Mo`avieh political views and his fascination with ruling and what distinguishes him from Imam Ali (AS).

Following Mo`avieh’s death, the author points to the exit of Imam Hussein (AS) from Medina and continues with explaining the reason why he did not pledge allegiance to Yazid.

Letters from People of Kufa and the news of Abu Muslim’s martyrdom are among other interesting topics to read in this book.

In another part of the book, you read about the enemy’s attack on Imam Hussein’s companions, looting of tents, burial of martyrs, tragic scenes and so on that the writer examines and reviews.

‘Imam Hussein (AS) beyond Ashura’ is published in 143 pages, with a print run of a thousand copies by Akhbar Publications.