AhlulBayt News Agency

source : Pars Today

9 July 2024

7:25:41 AM

A valuable understanding is growing among Israelis: We don’t belong to Palestinian land

A prominent Israeli analyst has admitted that Israelis are gradually losing hope in the survival of the Israeli regime.

Ahlulbayt News Agency: The Zionist regime's true criminal nature was exposed to the world more than ever before with the launch of the al-Aqsa Storm operation on October 7, 2023, leading to the downfall of many of its fake policies against the Palestinians.

Ben Caspit, a renowned Zionist analyst, wrote in an article in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, admitting that the regime is approaching collapse: 'Today, the issue of Israel's disappearance has been put back on the agenda, and it is an achievable goal for Israel's enemies.

Caspit added: "Day by day, the number of Israelis who believe that this is no longer a suitable place to raise and educate future generations is increasing. These individuals are now loudly emphasizing that the current Israel is vastly different from the one their fathers founded 76 years ago."

This analysis confirms that Zionists and Jewish immigrants to Palestine have realized that the land of Palestine does not belong to them.

Ben Caspit also lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his article, saying: 'It's clear that, even if we succeed in achieving the decisive victory that this street vendor (Netanyahu), who has held Israel, hostage, has promised us, we still have turned Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, into a modern-day Saladin (Salahuddin Ayyubi).

From a theoretical perspective, he has inflicted the most painful blow in history on Israel's power. He has ridiculed Israel's intelligence services and overcome the Israeli army, striking the Achilles' heel of Israel and turning the nightmares of Tel Aviv into reality."

According to this Israeli analyst, the leader of Hamas in Gaza has set his sights on the Israeli society, which is crumbling and is enjoying every moment of it. He is more convinced than ever that time is working in his favor, and he knows that his name will be etched in the history of his people forever.