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source : Pars Today

8 June 2024

10:07:22 AM

Emergence and spread of Imam Khomeini's resistance thought from Iran to the world

An Iranian university professor says that the sapling of resistance thought planted by Imam Khomeini has turned into a powerful organization.

AhlulBayt News Agency: Hojjat-ol-Islam Mohammad Javad Faqih, a university and seminary professor in Iran, said on the issue of resistance in Imam Khomeini's thought, "Resistance in the Imam's thought had been shaped before the revolution in his prime of youth and now this thought has led to the awakening of free nations in the world."

Here we have chosen excerpts of this professor's remarks with Mehr news agency:

Resistance in Imam Khomeini's political thought is based on some principles. Monotheism as rising up for God's sake and fearing no one except God is the first principle of this thought.

The second principle in Imam Khomeini's resistance thought pertains to the divine, Qur'anic and Islamic traditions. The Qur'an more struggles against arrogance rather than unfaith. Struggling against arrogance is a duty which the holy Qur'an has obligated for every Muslim, particularly ulema (religious scholars).

Wisdom is the third principle of resistance in Imam Khomeini's political thought. The wise are not overwhelmed with the hollow pomp of the ruling powers and always find a way not to accept oppression. The wise find the weak points of arrogance and strike it on the same points.

Historical experience is the fourth principle of resistance in Imam Khomeini's political thought. The victories in history have been achieved due to resistance. This has been clearly mentioned by Ayatollah Khamenei, "Wherever we resisted, we advanced and wherever we submitted we were struck."

The fifth principle of resistance in Imam Khomeini's political thought is that it is based on human nature. A sound nature and conscience praise an anti-oppression person and sanctify support for the oppressed. The logic of resistance, which has begun from Iran, has united the hearts of free people in every corner of the world with the language of nature. Examples of this can be seen in the support of the world students for the people of Gaza and the awakening of non-Muslim nations.

Resistance in Imam Khomeini's political thought has its roots in the time when he wrote a book titled, "Discovery of secrets" in response to the diabolic anti-Islamic book of "One-thousand-year secrets".

The Founder of the Islamic Revolution, with writing this book, invited the world Muslims to resistance. Imam Khomeini, in his speeches before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, would always address the ulema and Muslims in the world to rise up against oppression and expel the arrogant and their puppets from their countries.

During the Islamic Revolution, the 8-year imposed war against Saddam and the message that he issued for the hajj pilgrims every year, the Imam would do this invitation clearly. He expected the people and ulema of the regional countries to join the resistance. He would advise the dependent rulers to stand against the [global] Arrogance and pillaging of religion and honor. The Imam would advise the Shah of Iran to free himself from the yoke of the US and Israel, but the Shah was a stooge of the US and Britain.

Imam Khomeini (God's mercy upon him), both when he was a pupil of Ayatollah Shahabadi to learn philosophy and Gnosticism from him, and the days that he went to the national parliament praising the brave spirit of Ayatollah Modarres; both in early 1940s when he wrote the response to the diabolic book of "One-thousand-year secrets" to call on the world people to act against the oppression of foreign powers and their allies, and in the start of his uprising in 1963, he explicitly targeted not only the Shah, but also the US and Israel with strong stances against them. Even on the verge of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, when many people would prefer to speak and act equivocally, Imam Khomeini quite clearly and loudly spoke of struggle against the Shah and adopted unequivocal and firm stances against the US and the Zionist regime of Israel.

Resistance in the Imam's thought had been shaped before the revolution in his prime of youth and now this thought has led to the awakening of free nations in the world. The resistance thought, in spite of the tough opposition of the global Arrogance (led by the US), the historical colonial current and puppet governments in the region, has opened its way in the region and the world.

Imam Khomeini was a martyr's child. In other words, his father, Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa, was one of the great and influential ulema in Khomein (central Iran) who was martyred in the path of struggling against oppression. The Imam related that he was present alongside his father in armed combat against the oppressive local rulers; hence the resistance thought is a genetic issue in his family.

Today, Imam Khomeini's resistance thought has turned into a powerful organization and a serious threat for the US and Israel. It has transcended borders and blossomed in America and Europe which was touched upon in Ayatollah Khamenei's recent letter to the American students, too.

Ayatollah Khamenei called the move of the American and European students supporting Palestine as part of resistance. The future of resistance is a bright future since it is in compliance with the divine traditions, the traditions which promise help and victory with a clear logic, a logic which is in compliance with human nature. The world has noticed this clear logic and, just as the Leader of the Islamic Revolution mentioned, the cost of resistance is much less than compromise and humility.

All wakeful consciences hate oppression and crime. In the resistance thought those who stand against oppression are praiseworthy.

Resistance has sprouted in the Western countries which are under the dominance of the Zionist media empire and has awakened consciences against oppression, just as it has horrified the oppressive rulers. The resistance thought is patiently looking at the horizon and the summit with the hope of seeing the Savior who has been promised in the Holy Book, that is, Imam Mahdi.

Source: Turning Imam Khomeini's resistance thought into a powerful organization, 2024. Interview of Elnaz Rahmatnejad with Mohammad Javad Faqih, Mehr news agency