AhlulBayt News Agency

source : Saudi Agency

16 May 2024

5:28:03 AM

Mecca municipality stepping up efforts to prepare for arrival of pilgrims

The Municipality of Mecca is intensifying its preparations to accommodate the influx of pilgrims expected to arrive for Hajj.

Ahlulbayt News Agency: The Municipality of Mecca is intensifying its preparations to accommodate the influx of pilgrims expected to arrive for Hajj.

With meticulous planning at the forefront, the municipality aims to ensure the well-being and comfort of the millions set to embark on the sacred journey.

A workforce of 22,000 individuals, comprising administrators, engineers, technicians, sanitation workers, and support teams from various sectors, has been mobilized by the municipality.

Additionally, hundreds of security personnel, volunteers and temporary health providers will be deployed to further bolster services and maintain order.

Cutting-edge technology forms the backbone of the municipality’s plan, with a fleet of specialized machinery and equipment assembled to efficiently manage waste, including high-tech sanitation vehicles.

Thirteen sub-municipalities and service centers across the holy sites will be strategically equipped to address any need that may arise.

Food safety

A 24-hour cleaning regime is in place, utilizing high-tech sanitation vehicles and a large fleet of waste management resources. To manage waste influx during Hajj, the municipality has prepared 1,135 electrical waste compression boxes and 113 temporary ground storage warehouses in Mina, alongside the utilization of large compressor trailers, transfer stations and waste containers of varying sizes.

Food safety is also a priority, with dedicated teams monitoring dining establishments and a central laboratory, along with three mobile units, set up to ensure all food is safe and of high quality.

The city’s infrastructure, including 66,000 paved roads, 58 tunnels, and 105 bridges, is being meticulously maintained.

Additionally, the floodwater drainage and lighting networks are fully operational to manage the seasonal influx of visitors. Public facilities such as restrooms and parks are under continuous maintenance to meet the high standards required during Hajj.

Efficient crowd management, pilgrim dispatching, metro line operations, and public transport supervision are being overseen by seasonal committees set up to ensure seamless operations.

The municipality also operates in close coordination with the Public Security, Civil Defense, and Emergency Forces to respond swiftly to any incidents.