AhlulBayt News Agency

source : Shiite News

2 May 2024

6:48:02 AM

Pakistan: Takfiri group openly threats to Shiite School

Ahlulbayt News Agency: During the past few days, a debate among two Sunni scholars held on a social media platform.

During the debate Maulana Yasin Qadri narrated the historical facts, after that a fatwa was imposed on him for insulting the Companions.

This is the same takfiri group that has neither any argument nor the courage to accept the true truth of history.

No one can deny the truth by concealing the historical facts proven by the hadiths of all the sects, including the Qur’anic hadiths.

Maulana Yasin Qadri narrated from the hadith that companions had escaped in the battle of Ohad, upon which the host and the Maulvi sitting with him said that he had not escaped, ‘’Tashreef lay gay thay’’.

So Maulana Yasin Qadri said yes, he had laid weapons before enemies. It was said that the video went viral on social media and a hate campaign started.

Instead of accepting the truth of history, the bigoted Takfiri groups started to blame the Shiite nation.

The Takfiris of the outlawed organization Sipah Sahaba held a press conference in Karachi, and threatened the Shiite of Pakistan.

During the press conference, they repeatedly targeted the school of Shiite, despite the fact that no individual was among the viral program belong to Shiite school of thought.