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30 April 2024

7:58:13 AM

Imam Khomeini, main Leader of struggle against phenomenon of Zionism

The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran resulted in the intensification of anti-Zionist struggles in various aspects and totally changed the course of Palestinians' struggles. The Shah's regime was considered as a powerful ally of the West and Israel in the sensitive region of West Asia. Iran, in the time of the Shah, was the market of exorbitant imports of the Israeli goods and products which would cause the occupying regime's economy to thrive, and on the other side,..

AhlulBayt News Agency: The ouster of the Shah and the establishment of the Islamic ruling system in Iran, with the leadership of Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), was the greatest blow which put the expansionist Zionist goals seriously at risk.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran resulted in the intensification of anti-Zionist struggles in various aspects and totally changed the course of Palestinians' struggles. The Shah's regime was considered as a powerful ally of the West and Israel in the sensitive region of West Asia. Iran, in the time of the Shah, was the market of exorbitant imports of the Israeli goods and products which would cause the occupying regime's economy to thrive, and on the other side, the Shah would hurry to help this regime with exporting and maintaining the oil needed by Israel; and Iran's oil would turn into bullets and weapons to target the hearts of the Palestinians.

Iran was a base for espionage operation of Israel and controlling of Arabs in the region. Exposure of the secret and open relations of the Shah with Israel and the opposition to his regime's unflinching aids to the Muslims' common enemy was one of the motives of Imam Khomeini's uprising which he himself says on the issue:

"One of the things that put us opposite the Shah was his assistance to Israel. I have always said in my remarks that the Shah has cooperated with Israel since the very coming of Israel to existence and when the war between Israel and Muslims reached its climax, the Shah continued to usurp the oil of Muslims and to give it to Israel; and this was among the causes of my opposition to the Shah."

 The impact of the Islamic Revolution's message and its leadership was so broad on public opinion that, when Anwar Sadat inked the compromise pact known as Camp David Accords, the Egyptian government was expelled from the Arab community and even the reactionary Arab regimes and was completely isolated.

The United States and European governments, the main supporters of Al-Quds occupying regime, with the bitter experience of defeat in confrontation with Imam Khomeini's uprising, were mobilized to harness Iran's Islamic Revolution and change the conditions; and on this way, they went to the extent to accompany their Eastern rival (former Soviet Union). We witnessed the manifestation of this accompanying in provocation of Saddam to occupy Iran's soil and all-out support for him in every phase of the long war of the Iraqi Ba'athist regime against the nascent Islamic Republic in Iran by both superpowers.

The imposed war was started with the aim of occupying and separation of Iran and annihilation of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic system- which was resolved to play its role of pioneering in the battle against the enemies of the downtrodden in the world and put into effect the slogan "Today Iran, Tomorrow Palestine". The war forced Iran to enter unwillingly the scene to defend the very existence of its revolution, the war that -based on the confession of the leaders of the Western and Eastern governments- was created to finish the Islamic Revolution forever and disappoint Muslim nations not even think of an uprising and revolution. Thus, Saddam, with the provocations and support of the enemies of Muslims, became the agent of the bitter and lengthy event which Imam Khomeini remembered it as:

"What causes deep regret is that the superpowers, especially the US, deceiving Saddam to attack our country, made our mighty government busy in defense of its country, in order to give respite to the usurper criminal Israel to embark on its sinister plot of formation of the greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates."

Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him), during the climax of the Shah's oppressive system's power, exposed the stealthy relations of the Shah's regime and Israel and seriously pursued confrontation of the danger of Israel for the Islamic world. He was the first source of emulation and great religious leader who issued the permission to support the Palestinian combatants via religious payments, zakat and charity. Imam Khomeini, from the very beginning, defined the Islamic aspect and ideological dimension of the struggle against Israel as the most effective way to mobilize the oppressed Palestinian nation and attract the support of the Islamic Ummah for them. He considered adopting of alternative courses such as reliance on Arab ethnicity and nationalistic views and other imported and non-Islamic ideologies as deviation from the course of struggle for liberation of al-Quds.

He was completely aware of the internal problems of the Islamic world, including the weakness, failure or dependence of some of the leaders of the Islamic countries. Therefore, he underlined the public awareness and perception of the Islamic world stemming from the ideological principles and faith and cultural commonalities of the Ummah and refrainment from sectarian differences. Imam Khomeini called on the leaders of the Islamic governments to follow this current and believed that as long as the governments are in consonance and solidarity with this public perception and request, they would have the leadership and responsibility of guiding the struggles; or else Muslim nations should treat them as the Iranian nation did with the Shah.

 Now let us mention briefly some other aspects of Imam Khomeini's view on the issue of Palestine and confrontation with the Zionist enemy:


Necessity of usage of oil as a weapon against the US and Israel

Imam Khomeini, in a message to the Islamic governments and nations on the occasion of the War of Ramadhan (November 7, 1973), wrote:

"The governments of oil-rich Islamic countries need to use oil and other facilities that they have, as a weapon against Israel and colonialists to avoid selling oil to the governments helping Israel."


Liberation of Palestine depends on restoration of the Islamic identity

"Until we do not return to Islam, the Islam of the Prophet of God; until we do not return to the Islam of the Prophet of God, our problems will remain there. We will be able neither to solve the issue of Palestine nor Afghanistan nor other places…."


Again and again exposing the plot of Greater Israel

The main motto of the Israeli parliament was this, "Israel! Your borders are from the Nile to the Euphrates". And this motto was raised when the nascent Israel was weak and the occupiers had a small population and a little power. Clearly, they would try to materialize it when they gain power.

Imam Khomeini, several times, had reiterated the danger of expansionism of Israel and its being discontent with the current borders and had reminded that any denial or covering up of this goal by Israel is just done for deception of public opinion and exploitation of the step-by-step policy to pursue the ultimate goal.


Separation of Judaism from Zionism

We know that Zionism is a political phenomenon with ambitious, racist and colonialist ideals which has adopted a religious image under the guise of Judaism and tries to pursue its vested interests under the title of "Savior of the Jewish community". But it is clear to the experts that the claim of unity of the world Jews has been forged by Zionists who intend, through this illusive claim, to usurp the Palestinian land and justify their crimes in the Occupied Territories. And it is obvious that main director of this issue was first the British colonialism and now it has left the place for the White House officials. There is no doubt that the new Western colonialism does not think but of its colonialist interests. Aware of these realities, Imam Khomeini would always separate Judaism from Zionism to confront this trick and unmasking the deceptive claimants of defense of Judaism, introduced Zionism as a basically political current which fights the very existence of religiosity and the goals of the divine messengers.


Unity: The only way to rescue Palestine

Imam Khomeini considered it as a shame for over billion Muslims to be under the yoke of Zionists, and said:

"Why should the countries, which have everything and such powers, [let] Israel, with such a small number, come and rule them in this way? Why should it be so? Isn't it because the nations are separate from each other and from governments, and governments from each other? One billion Muslim population, with all their equipment, are sitting [idle] and Israel is committing those crimes in Lebanon and Palestine."


Necessity of nations' uprising against Zionism and dependence on the US

Imam Khomeini on December 16, 1981, addressing the judiciary personnel and officials, referring to the Muslim governments dependent on the US as the source of Muslims' basic miseries, said:

"Muslims should not sit so that their governments act for them; they should save Islam from Zionism. They shouldn't sit so that the international organizations act for them. Nations should rise up themselves against Israel. Nations should rise up themselves and force their governments to stand against Israel and they shouldn't suffice to condemnation. Even those who have brotherly bonds with Israel condemn Israel. However, it is a condemnation which is serious on the face whereas it is a joke in reality. If Muslims sit so that the US works for them or the puppets of the US work for them, this will be useless till the end."


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