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12 February 2024

7:24:15 AM

Secret of having “authenticity in action” and “perseverance”

Spirituality means an “emotional connection and relationship with God” (March 21, 1990), and a thriving spiritual life is dependent on constant remembrance of God, taking recourse in Him, humbleness before Him, and dhikr [remembering God and repeating His names] (Oct. 28, 2010).

A survey over the spiritual advice of Imam Khamenei about strengthening spirituality in the months of Rajab and Sha’ban

Spirituality and self-edification: Ways for avoiding going astray

Spirituality means an “emotional connection and relationship with God” (March 21, 1990), and a thriving spiritual life is dependent on constant remembrance of God, taking recourse in Him, humbleness before Him, and dhikr [remembering God and repeating His names] (Oct. 28, 2010). In fact, spirituality is the guiding, directing element in human life in every dimension, “One dimension in people’s existence is spirituality, which exists in every individual. This dimension is a very delicate dimension … If we human beings can strengthen this dimension in ourselves, this will guide our other dimensions. This does not mean that the spiritual side prevents one’s instincts, needs, reasoning, and rationality. This is not the case. All these dimensions are important in themselves. This spiritual dimension guides all these other dimensions in human beings provided they are preserved and strengthened” (April 20, 2016). On the other hand, a lack of spirituality leads human beings to error and going astray, “The people who are deprived of spirituality and are sunk in a material life feel a sense of void and inadequacy within themselves … Many Western societies have been, and still are, in this situation” (Nov. 3, 2001). “If the spiritual reserve within a person falls below the necessary limit, he/she will experience great deviances and will go astray. Spirituality is the basis needed for human beings to become purposeful. It brings meaning to life and gives direction” (Oct. 9, 2002). Therefore, “our dear youth need to strengthen their spiritual foundation. Actually, all of us need this, but the youth absorb spiritual matters more and better … Being in contact with God will bring blessings to your life, the country, and the future of the Revolution” (Feb. 17, 2022). The issue of “self-edification is very important both at an individual and a collective level … These things will help you easily and safely pass through areas where one may go astray. There are some areas where it is more likely for one to go astray, such as when one has feelings of fear, doubt, weakness, and unhealthy motives” (May 17, 2020).

Supplication: An elevating Quran

Supplications are a key concept in Islam, and they are a great opportunity for one to connect with God and increase their spirituality and self-edification, “Supplication is a way of speaking with God, the Exalted. As our magnanimous Imam (ra) said, ‘Supplications are an ascending Quran’” (June 25, 2016). “One of the blessings of the valuable supplications of the Imams (peace be upon them) is that they are full of divine teachings. Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah, the Kumayl Supplication, the Sha’baniyyah Supplication, the Abu Hamza Thumali Supplication, and other supplications from the Imams (pbut) are full of divine teachings” (Oct. 13, 2006). Generally speaking, supplications “connect human hearts to God and fill one’s life with joy and spirituality” (Oct. 21, 1998). Furthermore, establishing a deep connection with supplications increases human knowledge, “If someone reads and understands these supplications, they will gain a great amount of understanding from them as well as establishing a strong relationship with God, the Exalted” (Oct. 13, 2006). Additionally, supplications help in the purification of human beings, “It’s not just that our hearts become closer to God when reading supplication. This is not the only thing. There is learning, there is teaching, and there is also purification” (June 19, 2009). Another thing gained from supplications is the elimination of ignorance, “When we speak to God, we feel He is close to us, we feel that we are addressing Him, and we talk to Him. These blessings are among the advantages and results that come from supplications. Constantly remembering God in our hearts eliminates ignorance, which is the root of all deviations, digressions, and corruption in human beings. So, supplications eliminate ignorance from our hearts, and they help us to remember God and to keep His remembrance alive in our hearts” (Oct. 21, 2005).

A key point is that the two months of Rajab and Sha’ban are special spiritual opportunities for human growth, and they enable people to enter the holy month of Ramadan prepared, “The month of Rajab and the month of Sha'ban are opportunities to prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan, which is the month of a divine celebration” (May 15, 2013). And the three auspicious months of Rajab, Sha’ban, and Ramadan are the best opportunities for reading supplications, “[The months of Rajab,] Sha’ban, and Ramadan are viewed by righteous servants and the true friends of God as an Eid. This is because they are a time for prayer, supplications, and giving full attention to the Lord of the Lords” (Oct. 21, 1998).

Focus on remembering God, supplication, and taking recourse in God in the month of Rajab

“The month of Rajab is an opportunity to move closer to divine values and to God. It is an opportunity to engage in self-edification” (April 26, 2015). In addition, “Rajab is the month of supplications and prayer. It is the month for purifying one’s soul and spirit” (Feb. 8, 2022). The supplications for the month of Rajab contain an ocean of knowledge” (June 19, 2009). Therefore, “it is a duty to use these days to strengthen one’s spirituality and connection with God, to remember Him, to pray, and to supplicate Him” (Jan. 9, 1993). Moreover, Itikaf can also be benefited from in this month, “Before the Revolution, we didn’t used to see many people or we would see few people go to the mosques and perform Itikaf (during the three days) in the middle of the month of Rajab … Now is the month of Rajab. You should benefit from these opportunities. Dear youth, you should benefit more from these things” (May 15, 2013). If one is deprived of the virtuous act of Itikaf in this month, they can perform the Jafar Tayyar Prayer, “Those of you who have been deprived of the virtuous act of Itikaf may perform the Jafar Tayyar Prayer during each of these three days” (March 8, 2020).

Frequently reading certain supplications such as the Kumayl Supplication and the Shabaniyyah Supplication are a valuable spiritual opportunity during this month, "I once asked Imam [Khomeini (ra)] which prayer he favored most among the renowned supplications passed down from the infallible Imams (pbut). He replied, ‘The Kumayl Supplication and the Shabaniyyah Supplication.’ In fact, both of these supplications belong to the month of Sha'ban ... We need to familiarize ourselves with them and allow our hearts to be moved [by their profound messages]" (Oct. 4, 2004).

Becoming prepared to enter the month of Ramadan

The month of Sha’ban is a special opportunity to such an extent that “the Holy Prophet (pbuh) appreciated the value of Sha'ban and its days and nights until his death … You should continue the custom of this great personage in this month. You should pay attention to God, read supplications, remember God with your heart and tongue, and prepare yourselves for entering the auspicious month of Ramadan” (August 26, 2007). Becoming deeply connected with supplications such as the Kumayl Supplication and the Shabaniyyah Supplication is an exceptional spiritual opportunity.

Establishing a continuous connection with God is the secret to success and steadfastness

To conclude, continuously being in contact with God is one of the most important factors for ensuring that our actions are correct and that we remain steadfast in the pursuit of our religious and revolutionary goals and principles, “Being in contact with God guarantees correctness of action and perseverance on our path. If we want to move correctly on this path, if we wish to not be sidetracked by fleeting, attractive appearances, and if we wish to move straight forward toward our goal, then it is imperative that we constantly remember God, rely on Him, and continuously be in contact with Him. This should be our regular routine” (August 30, 2005).

Similarly, "the big secret to our esteemed Imam [Khomeini]’s success – who stood firm like a mountain as you saw – was his steadfastness, which he gained through being in contact with God" (May 18, 1994).