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source : ABNA

19 November 2023

6:08:52 PM

Issued at the end of the Qom journalist’s ceremony: Resolution denouncing martyrdom of journalists in Gaza

Qom journalist participating in a ceremony at the cemetery of the martyrs of Ali Ibn Jafar (a.s.), read a resolution denouncing the martyrdom of 50 Palestinian journalists and declaring support for the Al-Aqsa Storm movement.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): On Sunday, November 19, 2023, a ceremony was held with the participation of Qom journalists next to the tomb of martyr Zain al-Din at the cemetery of martyrs of Ali Ibn Jafar (a.s.) by Qom Press House, Qom Media Basij, and Art and Media Board.

At the end of the ceremony, a resolution was read denouncing the martyrdom of 50 Qom journalists and declaring support for the al-Aqsa Storm movement, which is as follows:

In the name of the Lord of martyrs and saints

The great Al-Aqsa Storm Operation, which was carried out in response to years of crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people, proved the hollowness of the Zionist regime, and in addition to causing fear and panic in the camp of global arrogance, it also became a clear example of the divine word: “Indeed, the weakest of houses is a spider’s web.”

The attempt of the child-killing Zionist regime to break the pen and feet of the brave narrators of the Resistance Front to prevent the dissemination of news and images of this widespread genocide is itself proof of the occurrence of a terrible crime and a heinous massacre against humanity, which is unbelievably taking place in the silence of the claimants of peace, freedom, and justice in global societies.

With great regret, until today, in addition to the martyrdom of about 12 thousand children, adolescents, women, and elderly people living in the Gaza Strip, 50 innocent journalists along with their homes and families have been targeted by the Israeli criminal army, and this ceremony is in memory of them and denouncing of this great massacre, and support for the journalists of the Resistance Front.

Journalists of Qom, the city of Lady Masoumeh (a.s.), on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the commander of the Khyber Operation and his brother, and next to their graves and hundreds of other martyrs of the imposed war (the 8-year Iraq-Iran war), wish God Almighty to raise the ranks of the martyrs of Gaza and Journalists martyrs, and commit to adhering to their great news mission, and continue the path of oppressed martyrs of the Resistance Front and martyred journalists.

Journalists and media activists declare that undoubtedly the people of the world are facing a great test, and the silence of the organizations that claim to advocate human rights and the leaders of the traitorous Arab countries, is recorded by journalists in the pages of history, and it is another document to prove that the claims of the global arrogance front are lies.

We hope that the reappearance of the savior of the human world, Imam Mahdi (a.s.) will be hastened, and the oppressed will overcome and win over the arrogant and greedy people of the world.

Journalists of Qom

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Cemetery of the Martyrs of Ali Ibn Jafar (a.s.)


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