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source : ABNA

19 November 2023

3:44:01 AM


Palestine and international justice

✍️Ahmad Olyaei

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): We live in a world where, although states and nations generally have clear geographical boundaries, it is no longer possible to deny the impact of events within a country on the whole or a major part of the world.

All that we refer to as the international space is based on this system of influences. Perhaps the existential philosophy of international courts, international organizations, and international laws - although apparently - is to prevent these damages; the spread of the situation inside a state to the outside.

But now the issue of Palestine with the inhumane and cruel crimes of the usurping Israeli regime has reached a stage that has involved the world from different angles. "Oppression" is the obvious point of this situation, and it is precisely here that "justice" should be discussed.

Global justice comes when it is no longer possible to naturally expect the main governments to protect the basic principles of justice.

Considering the situation in Palestine, we need a justice that defends the human existence and provides the basic needs of the Palestinian human, rather than talking about the existence of a usurping state.

In order to expand global justice regarding the Palestinian issue, two areas should be followed;

The first area is criminal justice. Where international laws and courts were supposed to punish criminals and violators of human rights at the international level, but they have not done anything so far.

And the second area is procedural justice. Procedures in the Palestinian issue should be pre-determined procedures that have a just outcome, and while basically "occupation" cannot be that procedure. Now, Palestine has been occupied for a long time, and this situation is essentially in conflict with the extension of justice and granting the rights of Palestinians. Therefore, if procedural justice wants to do something for Palestine, the status of Palestine should be determined by the votes of the Palestinians, which is a fair procedure in political justice. Then we can probably talk about justice in Palestine and then in the world.


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