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source : Al Islam

3 July 2023

6:36:58 AM

Introducing the book about 'Ghadir'

Ghadir in the book "Islamic Unity and Happiness"

The text consists in two sections: In Section One the writer discusses the contribution of scholar Amini in his book "Al-Ghadir" towards Islamic unity and its urgent need in the world of today. In Section Two the writer discusses about happiness and analyses the issue from a religious and philosophical point of view.

Ghadir in the book "Islamic Unity and Happiness" by Martyr Murtadha Mutahhari

Part 1: Al-Ghadir and Islamic Unity

The noble book "Al-Ghadir" has raised a great wave in the Islamic world, and Islamic thinkers have paid a deep attention to it from various angles: literary, historical. theological, traditional , social, and analytical. What interests us from the social angle is Islamic unity. Islamic reformers and enlightened scholars of our era consider the unity and adherence of Islamic nations and sects as the most urgent of Islamic need, particularly under the present conditions when they are being assaulted by the enemy from every side, who is constantly employing all kinds of means to develop old offenses and invent new ones.

As we know, Islamic unity and brotherhood have principally been an important objective of Islam and of the deepest interest to the holy lawgiver of Islam, as testified by the Qur'an, and Islamic traditions and history.

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