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source : Al Islam

3 July 2023

6:28:46 AM

Introducing the book about 'Ghadir'

"Ghadir Khumm, Where Religion was Brought to Perfection"

This text provides the reader glimpses of the journey back from the farewell pilgrimage heading towards Ghadir Khumm where the religion of Islam was perfected with the divine appointment of Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS) as Caliph and successor of the Holy Prophet (SA). The precious moments of selection, announcement, celebration, and public greetings are discussed as the reader reflects on this great event in the history of Islam.

"Ghadir Khumm, Where Religion Was Brought to Perfection" by Hasan Muhammad Al-Najafi

Ali the Master

The event of 18th Zilhaj 10 A. H. was neither a matter of secrecy, nor an underground gathering nor a hidden endeavor. As such no room is left for any sort of doubt, suspicion, uncertainty or ambiguity. This mammoth congregation attended by thousands was held by the mandate of God, under the supervision of the Prophet of Islam, in a vast desert, in the full light of the day. The main proceedings of this feast are preserved in the official documents of Islam (Qur'an and Hadith).

Similarly statements, the accounts of the eyewitnesses and feelings of prominent literary figures and intellectuals who attended this important session of Islamic History has been recorded in the books of history and biography. How strange it is that in spite of all these undeniable facts some persons have tried to present their own biased sentiments in regard to the event of Ghadir. In the writings of such prejudiced writers the word `Mawla' has been the center of discussion and comments.

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