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3 July 2023

6:20:57 AM

Introducing the book about 'Ghadir'

Tradition of Ghadir in the book "Choose The Best"

This text answers a series of questions about misconceptions concerning Shi’ism and its stance on various subjects like the issue of succession after the death of the Holy Prophet (S)

Tradition of Ghadir in the book "Choose The Best" by Abolfazl Sabouri

Tradition Of Ghadir

16. The most important hadith, Shi′a referred to is the Ghadir incident. What is that story according to Sunni sources?


There are many traditions about the affair of Ghadir, all of which clearly prove that Ali is the successor of the Prophet.

Relying on the consensus of narrators of hadith, Tabrani and many others have quoted Zayd ibn Arqam saying:

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