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25 October 2022

8:19:53 AM

Jurisprudence by Imam Khamenei;

Muslims may do business as hoteliers in non-Muslim countries serving alcoholic drinks ...

Jurisprudence by Imam Khamenei;

Q1085. Muslims may do business as hoteliers in non-Muslim countries. Given the norms of social behavior in those countries, the owner has to serve alcoholic drinks and other food, some of which are ḥarām (Forbidden), to the customers. Otherwise, they will not go to his hotel. It is to be noted, however, that the businessman intends to dispose of all profit made on the ḥarām (Forbidden) food and drink by giving it to ḥākim of shar' (Sharia Ruler). Is it permissible for him to do so?

A: There is no problem in doing business as a hotelier or a restaurateur in non-Muslim countries. However, it is not permissible to sell, or offer, others intoxicants and one should avoid earning money by selling them. However, there is no problem in selling or offering ḥarām (forbidden) foods to the people who do not consider them as ḥarām (forbidden) according to their denomination; yet, it is caution to avoid earning money through buying and selling pork, even if the seller intends to hand over the profit made to ḥākim of shar (Sharia Ruler) '.