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source : IRNA

15 October 2022

7:26:12 AM

Final statement of 36th Islamic Unity Conference issued

The 36th Islamic Unity Conference ended here on Friday by issuing a statement.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): The 36th Islamic Unity Conference ended here on Friday by issuing a statement.

Parts of the statement themed 'Islamic Unity, Executive Strategies, Operative Moves' read as follows: Under such conditions that the world countries, and especially the Islamic countries are more than ever before in need of peace and justice; while the objective of the Prophet Mohammad's appointment as the Messenger of Allah was elevating the exalted ethics, expansion of peace and justice, and brotherhood around the globe, and the propjet of Islam himself was the best pattern for brotherhood, peace and justice and love, beyond doubt contemplating on the biography of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) can lead to the prevailing of peace and justice in the Islamic world.

The global oppression, led by the United States and the looter west, that has throughout the recent decades pursued two major projects, namely disintegration of the Islamic world and looting the capitals and national wealth of the Islamic nations, has roots in secularism and liberalism.

The World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought sponsored the 36th Islamic Unity Conference with the motto of 'Islamic Unity, Executive Strategies, Operative Moves" to emphasize that there are executive strategies and operative moves for achieving unity in the Islamic world.

The communique then refers to the papers received by the secretariat of the conference and addresses given at the 36th conference, as well as the strategies and practical moves made, and to be made to achieve unity, brotherhood and amicable feelings among the world Muslims.


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