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source : Ansarollah

7 July 2021

2:46:32 AM

United Nations… an international gang and a black umbrella for imperialism’s crimes

One of the declared goals of the United Nations is to maintain international peace and security and spare the world the scourge of wars, but under the pressure of imperialism and the unipolar regime led by America and behind it the Jewish lobbies,...

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): One of the declared goals of the United Nations is to maintain international peace and security and spare the world the scourge of wars, but under the pressure of imperialism and the unipolar regime led by America and behind it the Jewish lobbies, the organization has turned into an American tool that works to justify the American and Zionist wars and wash away their crimes. The organization has failed to maintain peace, security, and the prevention of wars, and it was not satisfied with its failure, but also sought to exploit wars and crises to cover the huge budget of the organization, its employees, and the organizations working with it. As for the basic principles for which the organization was established, they were replaced by “concern” that the organization’s trustees kept using this word about the crimes committed by America and its Western allies against vulnerable nations.

This concern ended during the era of the current Secretary-General Guterres, who did not hesitate to trade the blood of Yemeni children openly during the day, as if he had a pardon deed that he distributes to war criminals and child killers. Rather, he went even further by demonizing the victims and offering the killers a bath of peace, which tells us what the United Nations and its arms from international organizations do. Here, in this report, we will try to provide simple information about the roles that the organization has played and is exercising in relation to the criminal aggression against Yemen:

Camps.. An alternative to homelands

Nearly a century ago, and since the establishment of the Zionist entity, the United Nations has been expressing its inability and failure to stop the Zionist aggression and the Jewish genocide campaigns against the people of Palestine by establishing camps and distributing tents as an alternative to the land, villages and cities occupied by Jewish gangs. At the same time, the United Nations controls these camps to market them globally to elicit the sympathy of the nations of the world, and then it loots the aid provided to the displaced.

From a productive nation to the nation of the of international organization politics

In the context of serving the colonial goals, and the projects of domination and enslavement of peoples, the organization worked to instill the concepts of disability and failure among our nation and that it was unable to produce and lacked experience. The organization greatly exaggerated the numbers of famine and illiteracy that spread in our Arab countries, which is basically a systematic process led by the major powers to make the Arab nations consumer to eat and wear what their enemies produce for them. In a soft language and a humane style, the international organizations have sought to convince the Arab nations that they are helpless, and sometimes relief aid comes to consolidate this concept. Therefore, some Arab nations are waiting for what comes to them from these organizations, which are in most cases corrupt relief aid and unfit for human use.

World Food Program and death warehouses

During the aggression against Yemen, we witnessed the reality of this UN organization and that it is one of the faces of aggression against the Yemeni people. It is known that the organization obtained nearly 2 billion dollars during the so-called donors’ conference 3 years ago and much more than that since the beginning of the aggression, but in return, it was buying shipments of spoiled food. When it was refused, it responded by accusing the Yemeni people of stealing relief from the mouths of the hungry, even though the organization itself says that 24 million people are the population of Yemen, who are in need of relief aid. Dozens of shipments were rejected from entering Yemen and we saw insects filling bags of the wheat that the organization brought to the Yemeni people as if they were animals. The last shipment was during this month; carrying 250 thousand bags of spoiled wheat that are not even suitable for animals.

In the same context, the organization did not let any shipment of medicines enter Yemen except for small shipments shipped in small planes, which are not enough for even one hospital. The authorities also revealed terrible corruption practiced by United Nations organizations in Yemen, and the money that organizations receive as aid to the Yemeni people does not cover the salaries and transfers of its employees who are roaming in armored vehicles and luxury cars while the children of Yemen are starving to death.

Money for decisions

After the United Nations, as we said earlier, failed to carry out its tasks and responsibilities according to the purpose for which it was established, and after it failed to implement more than 39 resolutions related to the Palestinian cause, it turned into a doormat for the crimes of America and Israel and a tool in favor of the major powers. Rather, it reached the sale of major criminal cases and grave violations that affected thousands of children in Yemen and elsewhere, in exchange for obtaining funding that contradicted those principles that it uttered and the slogans it raised.

Genocide at the hands of the nations

The United States, Russia, China, France and Britain are the five permanent members of the Security Council, and have the right of veto (veto) on any draft resolution, which prevents its issuance.

It is useless to expect the Security Council, which is composed of these five major players in the global arms trade, to contribute permanently to world peace, as it is itself a source of these conflicts, prolonging them to benefit from them.

Today, neither the 56 OIC countries (including 27 members of the African Union), the 54 African Union countries, nor the 32 Latin American and Caribbean Union countries have a permanent place in the Security Council, nor have the right of veto.

The main objective of the capitalist system is to sell weapons, not caring who is killing, unless they are directed at it.

Therefore, the “peacekeepers”, which the United Nations sends to prevent conflicts, actually act as a fighting force.

For example, some soldiers of Western countries, especially France and the Netherlands, who served under the umbrella of the United Nations in Rwanda, were involved in 1994 genocide.

The Security Council did not allow peacekeepers at the time to stop the massacre, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

The extremist leaders of the “Hutu” ethnicity, which represents the majority of Rwanda, launched a campaign of genocide against the “Tutsi” minority.

In a period not exceeding 100 days, about 800,000 people were killed, 75% of the number of “Tutsi” people in Rwanda.
On June 22, 1994, the Security Council agreed to France to send troops to Goma, Congo, for humanitarian assistance, under the name of “The Turquoise Mission.”
However, France helped the Hutu militants, instead of protecting the Tutsi.

It also supplied the rebel militias with gold and ivory, with which they committed genocide.

Britain also committed a genocide against the Kenyans in 1952, in which tens of thousands of revolutionaries for independence were killed.

Cover up war crimes

During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union (1949: 1991), Washington killed between one million and two million people in Vietnam. About one million people were killed in a military coup in Indonesia backed by the CIA.

Many were killed in Cambodia between 1969 and 1975, due to bombing, starvation, and political turmoil.

Governments of many countries were overthrown, with the support of Washington. However, the United Nations did not move and covered up what happened.

The United Nations and the Islamic world

Since its founding, leaders of various faiths have flocked to the leadership of the United Nations, but no Muslim was ever elected to the position of its Secretary-General.

Of the 60 subsidiary agencies and organizations of the United Nations, none is based in a Muslim country.

It is true that the headquarters of the Economic and Social Council for Western Asia (ESCWA) is located in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, but its achievements are not clear and valuable.

Even the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which is based in Gaza Strip, is subject to harassment and intimidation from the Israeli side.

Crimes against Muslims

The United Nations has remained silent on the lawlessness and injustice that the United States has practiced on the Muslim world. Thousands were massacred in Lebanon in 1983, not to mention nearly a million people have died since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

With the beginning of the era of the “Arab Spring” revolutions, in late 2010, Washington worked to destroy and destabilize the Arab countries that witnessed it.

The brutal genocide in Bosnia represents another dark chapter in the history of the United Nations.

In 1993, the organization declared the city of Srebrenica a safe zone for the Bosnians, where thousands of people sought shelter inside the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping force, which then disarmed them under the pretext of protection.

In 1995, after the siege of the headquarters of the Serb forces, the United Nations handed over thousands of Bosnians to the Serbs, causing the most terrible massacre in European history.

In the Middle East, the United States bombed Afghanistan and Iraq, under the pretext of “bringing democracy” to the oppressed, while the reality witnessed killings, theft, looting and destruction.

Corona pandemic

The new wave of the “Corona” virus showed that any event that occurs in a region of the world, accordingly affects the rest of the other countries.

In the past, the famines, civil wars and destruction caused by powerful nations like the United States and Britain all over the world and the screams of the millions who killed them, were unheard in Washington, London, Paris or Moscow.

However, for the first time, the citizens of these countries are drinking the “cold death” cup, realizing that they are not safe, and that the pandemic does not differentiate between the first and third world countries.

The World Health Organization, working under the supervision of the United Nations, failed to reveal the nature of the virus and the extent of its outbreak.

Even the death rate from the virus announced by the organization, which is 3.4, later turned out to be incorrect and based on false academic studies and inaccurate statistics.
WHO turned into a subcontracting mechanism for the Global Vaccine Lobby.

The current world order is built on bloodshed, and entities doomed by cruel, unscrupulous and soulless capitalist ambitions pay no attention or mercy to man.

It is not easy and the crisis is very severe, but we hope that the ordeal of “Corona” will remind us of our humanity, and ignite in us the fuse of human compassion towards each other and towards the nature.

A soft war led by international organizations

The failure of the United Nations was not on the political and humanitarian aspects, but went beyond that to what was more dangerous, as it became a fertile environment for the work of Western intelligence services. Peoples from within: In Yemen’s recent experience with UN organizations, it was found that they do not work on the humanitarian side to the same extent that they implement American and Zionist agendas in Yemen by spreading moral corruption and striking the faith identity of the Yemeni people and completely separating them from their jihadist spirit. In addition, the establishment of training and support courses for fake and suspicious institutes and associations. In Yemen, it also tried to obtain complete information about Yemeni society and even requested the fingerprints of citizens, as the World Food Program wanted, which was rejected by the Salvation Government in Sana’a.

Some organizations are still interfering in every case related to women, even if they are criminal cases or affect the values and sovereignty of the Yemeni people. We have seen dozens of cases raised by these organizations regarding the prostitution networks that the security authorities arrested earlier. The martyr Sultan Zabin, who was ruling the criminal investigation in Yemen, was exposed to an unprecedented smear campaign, leading to its inclusion in the so-called US sanctions list. The secrets of the UN organizations are still unknown.

Yemeni childhood in the international auction

The United Nations was not satisfied with failing the children of Yemen who are subjected to massacres at the hands of the American, Zionist, Saudi and British planes, and the cluster bombs that Yemen have been drowned with by the warplanes of the aggressive coalition are still claiming dozens daily. They also suffered from the famine, diseases and epidemics that have killed thousands of them. Rather, it sought to demonize them and consider them to be the culprits, not the victims, and its recent decision to include the Yemeni people on the list of violators of childhood, at a time when the Saudi regime was removed from the criminal blacklist, is a clear evidence of the systematic deviation that the United Nations is trying to market as it is in order to protect human rights and the rights of children. It failed in Palestine, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries of the world that were affected by the Zionist-American war machine.

The truth is that the Yemeni people have never relied on the United Nations or on other opportunistic forces that trade in the dignity of humanity and the pain of the oppressed and vulnerable peoples. The global aggression against it and its recognition is that Yemen has become the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, but this humanitarian crisis is not intended to end because it has become a source of income for the international mafia and the forces of global arrogance.