Report: “Israeli” Soldiers Sexually, Physically Abusing Palestinian Children

A report says that "Israeli" soldiers have been accused of sexually and physically abusing Palestinian children detained by the military.

Five Palestinian children detained over minor offences, including hurling stones, and held in detention illegally, were sexually abused by Israeli soldiers, the CNN report broadcast on Thursday.

The report also charges that the "Israeli" soldiers have tortured some of the boys in detention, stating Palestinian children are being abused in "Israeli" detention centers.

According to a report by the Palestinian Prisoners' Ministry 65% of detainees, most of them children, face brutal torture and ill-treatment during their detention and interrogation, and 14% are subjected to sexual abuse threats by "Israeli" soldiers.

According to sources, 100 complaints have been presented by human rights organizations to Defense for Children International (DCI) against the ill-treatment of Palestinian detainees, especially children.