A Palestinian women after six years in detention:

They kicked us, they humiliated us. They treated us as if we were animals

A Palestinian women freed this weeks after six years in detention on charges of resisting the Israeli military occupation is speaking out against "horrific mistreatment" and "hair-raising episodes" in Israeli jails.

"They beat us, they kicked us, they humiliated us. They treated us as if we were animals," Sherine Sheikh Khalil, 24, told.

"It is really difficult to  communicate to you the bestiality and savagery of their behavior," added the young activist from the central Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis.

In 2003, then only 17,  Sherine was convicted by an Israeli military court of taking part in an attempted abduction of a Jewish settler in the West Bank.

She was freed on Sunday after the end of her jail term.

Though Sherine’s father, brothers and sisters live in Ramallah, the capital of the occupied West Bank, the Israeli occupation regime decided to expel her to the Gaza Strip, apparently as an act of further punishment.

"I’m happy that I’m free, but I wish I could see my family in Ramallah."

According to Human rights groups in Gaza, Israel has deported around 30 West Bankers to the coastal enclave since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada in late September 2000.

Sherine describes the Israeli courts as "a system of retribution and reprisal" rather than a "system of justice."

"You can’t really speak about a genuine  justice system in Israel," she insists.

"We are talking about a country that sanctions murder of non-Jews, theft of their property and demolition of their homes. It is a state that uses every conceivable extenuating circumstances to exonerate Jewish murderers of Palestinians while concocting all sorts of pretexts to condemn and incriminate Palestinians."

Sherine said the courts were no more than a tool in the hands of the Israeli regime to inflict harm on the Palestinian people and give false legitimacy to the military occupation.

There are more than 11,000 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

Many of them are political activists, local politicians and community leaders held for years without charge or trials.

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