NATO raid kills two Afghan children

NATO-led forces have opened fire on a car that failed to keep distance from a security patrol in Kandahar, killing two Afghan children.

"The troops opened fire after the driver ignored hand, arm and audio signals to maintain its safe distance from the patrolling convoy," the force said in a statement Monday. "When the vehicle was 10 meters away and still approaching, the ISAF soldiers, fearing an attack, fired on it," killing two child occupants and wounding a man, the statement added. There have been several such incidents since US-led forces attacked the country in 2001. In a similar incident on Saturday, NATO forces killed four Afghan civilians in Helmand province. Hundreds of Afghan civilians were killed by NATO forces in recent years, most of them in air strikes on remote areas. According to official NATO figures, more than 900 people, including civilians have died in Afghanistan since the start of 2008.

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