Iran: Translation of Quran in 8 Languages Underway

Iran: Translation of Quran in 8 Languages Underway

Translation of the holy Quran into the world's languages is the chief responsibility of Tarjoman Vahy Cultural Institute, said director of the institute.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Mohammad Naghdi delivered a report on the institute's annual performance, saying that it has so far offered numerous translations of the holy Quran into various languages and is still engaged with doing so.

As he said, 8 translations are being pursued by the institute at the moment of which the Japanese rendition of the book is being prepared for publication and will most probably be released by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20).

He said the translation of the book into other languages like Rwandan, Georgian, Pashtu, Ugandan and Balti are also being pursued at the moment by the institute.

Naghdi further underlined the publication of a grand work by Morteza Kariminia on all Quranic research works in Europe as one of the greatest releases of the institute, and said that the work won the book of the year award of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2014.

The book is entitled as 'The Bibliography of Quranic Studies in European Languages' and encompasses works on the holy book from 1500 AD.


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