16th NAM Summit- 721

Nicolas Maduro Venezuelan FM: UN should undergo structural reforms

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said on Friday that the UN should be overhauled both in content and structure to help it play its role in resolving international issues accurately.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Talking to us on the sidelines of the second day of the 16th NAM Summit, he added that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution called on the member states to help create a new world order.Referring to the Summit’s motto ‘Lasting Peace Through Joint Global Governance’, he noted that member states should play a key role in the field.Stating that southern states should try to create a different world based on unity and brotherhood, he noted that the current structure of the world is unfair and unsuitable and capitalistic countries are plundering the natural resources of all the countries including southern states.They are always seeking to exert new type of imperialism over the world but they claim that their measures are humanitarian, he contended.International regulations should be respected to create a calm and peaceful world, he said, criticizing the UN Security Council for not including all countries as its members.He noted that the council cannot do its job properly and it has turned into a tool in the hands of the powers to dominate the other countries’ oil and gas resources.“UN General Assembly should transform into a venue for the countries to make their voices heard,” he said.Maduro urged involvement of all the countries in the election of UN secretary general and criticized the fact that the figure is appointed by a limited number of the countries.As to the Syrian situation, he said that his country condemns any foreign interference in the Arab state and all the measures to topple al-Assad.He called for peaceful diplomatic means for solving the country’s crisis.Commenting on the issue of Palestine, he said that Venezuela supports the Palestinian nation’s ideal to set up an independent Palestine with the Eastern Qods being its capital.Venezuelan official condemned the Zionist regime for trampling upon the Palestinians’ rights as illegal and said that his country supports full membership of Palestine in the UN. /219