Syria grand Mufti: Aleppo will not be destroyed, but terrorists will be driven out

Syria grand Mufti: Aleppo will not be destroyed, but terrorists will be driven out

Sheikh Hassoun declared against the will of some groups, Aleppo will not be destroyed, but the terrorists will be driven out.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - After meeting with Cardinal Bisharah Boutros al-Ra’i, the head of the Lebanese Maronite Church, Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria, announced on Wednesday, “Today, is a day of truly good news for Syria because the will of some of the groups who seek the destruction of Aleppo and the preservation of the terrorists has been defeated.”
The Grand Mufti of Syria said that it is the eve of the birthdays of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ and our message to the politicians is to establish peace and security.
During their 45-minute meeting in in Bkerki, the see of the Maronite Catholic Patriarchate, Sheikh Hassoun and Cardinal al-Ra’i discussed the current situation and developments in Lebanon and Syria.
Sheikh Hassoun stressed, “We want closeness, reconciliation, dialogue and cooperation under the leadership of the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, and Syrian President Bashar al-Asad,” and added that these two leaders need to work toward harmony.
The Grand Mufti of Syria explained that the Syrians want success for Lebanon and the Lebanese people and added that the religious leaders of the two countries call on all the nations and governments of the two countries to stand against dangerous extremists who do not represent any religion, including Islam, and to remain vigilant.
Sheikh Hassoun added, “Cardinal al-Ra’i called for the return of peace and security in Syria.”
After a separate meeting with President Aoun, Sheikh Hassoun also stressed that we expect relations between Lebanon and Syria to return to the situation that existed before the start of the crisis in Syria and noted that Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan are a single nation.
He noted that President al-Asad loves Lebanon as he loves Syria.
Sheikh Hassoun said that we do not have enmity with anyone in Lebanon and we call for reconciliation and friendship with the groups in Lebanon who hate us because the current situation in the world and the region has created an awakening and consciousness among us, especially among our religious and political leaders.


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