Hezbollah Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance's secretary-general on Al-Kausar TV channel

Mosul Liberation operation is war with "Political ISIS"

Mosul Liberation operation is war with

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi stated: political Daeshis (ISIS members) are some of the Iraqi politicians who serve ISIS by their political views.

According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency - ABNA- Hezbollah Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance's secretary-general stated in Al-Kausar TV channel last night, August 28th: Al-Nujaba soldiers have fought in majority of the operations in Iraq against ISIS and for the first time they were present in the "al-Naba'I" area.

Sheikh Akram added: our forces were also present in the liberation operation of the roads of Samarra, Baiji, and Tikrit and currently are based in Makhowl Mountains. They are also present in the security belt around Karbala.

Speaking about Mosul Liberation operation he stressed: Mosul operation is not merely a battle against ISIS. It is, however, a fight with the U.S as well because their forces are present in the surroundings of this city too.

The chief commander of Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq called their forces "soldiers with will power" who have the experience of fighting American forces and said: these soldiers have driven occupation forces out in the past and are capable of defeating ISIS or any other terrorist group.

He then pointed out: Mosul Liberation operation is a battle with political Daeshis too for these people are looking for disintegration of Iraq. On the other hand it is a battle with Barzani since he is planning to create an Israel-supporting government.

He clarified: American mainstream media tried to destroy the image of Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq by saying that they have misbehaved in the cities they have freed. However these forces have not only behaved most humanely with people, but also have sacrificed their own lives to save people from conflict areas.

He added: Iranian Quds Forces have offered us their invaluable consultations on battles. Indeed they have sacrificed blood alongside Iraqi and Syrian soldiers.

Stating that the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq will conclude the Mosul Liberation operation in a few days, he stressed: political Daeshis and some people in government accuse us of war crime. Because of this sometimes the operations are ceased to respond to those accusations and then again they are resumed.

Describing the "political Daeshis" he said: by political Daeshis we mean some politicians who serve and support ISIS by their political views and stands. These people are supported by the governments who help ISIS. They react negatively to operations against ISIS.

Pointing out at the Americans' opposition to actions of Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq he said: the U.S does not want Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq to take part in the Mosul Liberation operation. In fact eye witnesses have reported many times when American aircrafts were helping ISIS.

Speaking about terrorist groups in Syria he said: though the terrorist groups in Syria may have different names, they follow the same ideology and method. Even groups like Free Syrian Army who claim to be seculars are provoking disintegration. All these groups carry out beheadings and massacres and we consider them all terrorists.

He added: currently there are Sunni battalions in Hezbollah Al-Nujaba fighting against ISIS. We can uproot ISIS's intellectual base in Iraq by the aid of Sunni clergymen.

As his final word he addressed ISIS leaders and said: we follow the holy prophet Muhammed and his household (Ahlul Bayt). You degenerates have tried to ruin Islam but we represent true Islam. You have failed in the past and we have succeeded and will do so again.

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