At least 120 ISIS militants killed in different cities of Iraq

At least 120 ISIS militants killed in different cities of Iraq

Iraqi security source announced atleast 120 ISIS terrorists killed in different areas of the country.

Coalition warplanes kill 11 ISIS elements west of Ramadi

Iraqi security source in Anbar province said Saturday, that 11 ISIS elements were killed in an aerial strike by the international coalition west of Ramadi.

The source said in a statement “The international coalition aviation targeted a gathering for ISIS in the modern village east of the city of Heet (70 km west of Ramadi), resulting in the death of all [ISIS] elements inside it,” adding that, “The coalition’s aviation was also able to bombard a gathering for [ISIS] elements northeast of al-Baghdadi District (90 km west of Ramadi), resulting in the death of 11 elements.”

Security forces cut ISIS financial support lines, kill 40 fighters north of Ramadi

The commander of Anbar tribal fighters in the northern sector of Ramdi Ghassan Eithawi announced, that 40 fighters of the so-called ISIS were killed in a military operation north of Ramadi.

Eithawi said in a press statement received by, “The security forces from the army, police and tribal fighters carried out a large-scale military operation targeting ISIS gatherings in the areas of Albu Bali and Albu Obaid (19 km north of Ramdi), killing 40 members belonging to ISIS and cutting their financial support lines in these areas.”

Eithawi added, “Intelligence information indicated to the presence of 70 ISIS fighters in the areas of Albu Obeid and Albu Bali, as well as 170 families used by ISIS as human shields, mostly children and women.”

Iraqi Forces Kill 27 ISIS Militants in Southeast of Fallujah

Iraqi forces have killed at least 27 ISIS members in the cleansing battles in southeast of Fallujah, while indicated to the destruction of three vehicles carrying automatic weapons, Anbar Operations Command announced on Friday.

The commander of the 1st regiment of Karmat Fallujah brigade in al-Hashed al-Shaabi, Colonel Mahmoud Mardi Jumaili, said “The security forces carried out a large-scale military operation targeting ISIS gatherings in Nuaimiya area, killing 27 fighters belonging to ISIS and destructing three vehicles carrying weapons.”

Jumaili added, “The security forces advanced significantly in the areas of Nuaimiya that witnessed a number of cleansing battles since Thursday,” pointing out that, “Large areas of Nuaimiya had been liberated.”

Iraqi Forces Kill 37 ISIS Terrorists in Kirkuk Province

The Iraqi forces have killed more than three dozen members of ISIS terrorist group in Iraq’s northern oil-rich province of Kirkuk.

Ali al-Husseini, a spokesman for the Popular Mobilization Units, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network that the fighters engaged Daesh terrorists in an offensive in Tazeh district, located 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) south of the provincial capital city of Kirkuk, on Saturday, killing 37 of the terrorists in the process.

Husseini added that five fighters of the Popular Mobilization Units also sustained injuries in the fighting.

Meanwhile, a security source, requesting anonymity, has said ISIS militants are fleeing en masse from the city of Shirqat, located some 300 kilometers (190 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad, and heading towards the town of Hawijah, and located about 282 kilometers (175 miles) north of the capital.           

The source noted that the militants started fleeing following heavy bombardment of the area by Iraqi military aircraft and subsequent destruction of Daesh supply lines.     

600 ISIS Militants Escaped from Fallujah to Mosul City

600 members of ISIS terror group has escaped from the city of Fallujah to the city of Mosul in Nineveh Province, The leadership of al-Hashed al-Shaabi in Anbar Province announced on Saturday.

The commander of al-Hashed al-Shaabi in Karmat Fallujah brigade, Colonel Juma Fazaa Jumaili, said in a statement Iraq News Agency reported, “The intelligence information pointed out to the escape of 600 ISIS fighters from Fallujah to Mosul.”

Jumaili added, “ISIS called its elements in Fallujah to be prepared to leave to Mosul with their families by orders of the second man in ISIS Ayad Hamid,” noting that, “Few members of ISIS remained in the city of Fallujah.”


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