Yemen’s Ansarullah Leader: Saudi Arabia an Evil Tool to Destroy Region

Yemen’s Ansarullah Leader: Saudi Arabia an Evil Tool to Destroy Region

The condition of Yemen in these days is designed and planned by US, in which ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Saudi regime are the tools of the American government in implementing their program

AhlulBayt News Agency - Leader of the Revolution Sayed Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Deen Al-Houthi has said that the annual anniversary of the Martyr comes this year under a very important and critical stage at the level of the region, in general, and the Yemeni people, in particular, who daily provide new convoys of martyrs in the field of honor and championship facing the criminal aggression, invaders and aggressors.

In his speech on the occasion of the annual anniversary of the Martyr under the title “The Martyr Unifies the Nation”, he considered this anniversary an important station to remember martyrs and their exploits in increasing determination, steadfastness and resistance to encounter challenges and dangers which continue year by year under the unfortunate reality of the nation, in general, and Yemen, in particular.

He pointed out that this anniversary is to praise the sacrifices of martyrs which are the most sublime things people can give to the nation which result in victory and freedom and a revival of the giving spirit of martyrs in the nation’s consciousness as well as a confirmation to continue the path of martyrs in appreciation for the families of martyrs and to make the nation remember its responsibilities towards them.

Sayed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi noted the special state of this anniversary under the conditions in the country which have wide indicators for the martyrs who present important indicators which clearly express sufferings of the vulnerable people.

“Today, our people are facing the aggression and arrogance of evil forces which got together against it, topped by America and Israel and those who follow them of the Arabs, mainly the Saudi regime which is an aggressive agent serving as a tool in the hand of the international evil force using it to hit the people of the region and destabilize their security and stability. Our people need to inculcate the culture of martyrdom and readiness to provide sacrifices because it is the culture which protects the nation and its continuity,” he said.

He added that: “Our advice to the Saudi regime and the agent forces for America and Israel is that to reconsider what they have done. I swear by God that they are losers and that the blatant services they provide for America and Israel are not in their favor at the end. You will lose at the end and the sufferings and disasters you caused to the vulnerable people will bring God’s punishment to you.”

“We see in our reality as we face the American, Israeli and Saudi aggression all people from all groups of the community; men and women, educated people, the army and popular committees, scholars, media men, academics and all patriotic people living this high spirit of readiness to offer sacrifices and show resistance,” Sayed Al-Houthi continued.

“Our duty as we commemorate this anniversary is to work to promote the spirit of sacrifice and persistence to live with dignity or to die with dignity in the face of slavery. This is what we have to promote to make us able to encounter all the dangers and challenges. The fruit of resistance, steadfastness and sacrifice is victory as God promised the vulnerable people.”

He called on the Yemeni people to be steadfast to resist, cooperate and depend on God in order to continue confronting the aggression as long as it is ongoing. 


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