Most dangerous al-Qaeda commander killed in Yemen

Most dangerous al-Qaeda commander killed in Yemen

Well informed security source said that al-Qaeda Emir was killed by the security guards of army Brigadier Fouad al-Emad.

AhlulBayt News Agency - A prominent Al-Qaeda emir (commander) has been reportedly killed in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa after a fierce battle with the Yemeni Security Forces under the command of Brigadier General Fouad Al-Imad.

According to the Yemeni Army, Imad Ahmad Mohammad Shash was killed alongside a number of his fighters during a skirmish outside the house of Brigadier General Imad’s house.

Shash was the self-proclaimed “Al-Qaeda emir of Sanaa” before he was killed by the Yemeni security forces on Wednesday morning.

Shash is also known by several names, including “Nibras al-Sanaani”, “Al-Dib” (bear), and “Sami,” the sources said, citing the confessions of several terrorists arrested by the Yemeni security apparatus.

The killing of Shash is considered a security achievement since he is one of the most dangerous Al-Qaeda commanders.


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