4,000 medical doctors urge ICRC to help injured Yemeni people

 4,000 medical doctors urge ICRC to help injured Yemeni people

Some 4,000 medical doctors on Sunday sent a letter to President of International Committee of the Red Cross asking for medical assistance to large population of Yemeni people injured in Saudi air strikes.

"We, 4,000 members of medical society, are asking the ICRC president to take immediate and appropriate action for arrangements to dispatch volunteer doctors, nurses, health and relief aid workers for humanitarian medical assistance to the oppressed people of Yemen."

The signatories expressed their readiness for full cooperation with the initiatives the ICRC is expected to take to extend humanitarian emergency aid to the Yemeni people.

The doctors reminded that Saudi government perpetrated aggression on the sovereign state of Yemen and embarked on ruthless bombardment of civilian targets in Yemen causing a great deal of deaths and injuries among women, kids and the elderly.

They said that deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen injured sentiments of the mankind in blatant violation of the basic principles of humanity and all the human rights conventions.

Severe shortage of medical services and medicines, silence of international community and human rights forums ignoring the crimes against humanity underway in Yemen have created a catastrophic situation for people of Yemen, it said.

If ICRC can not fulfill its main duties in helping the war stricken people and dispatching medical assistance, undoubtedly the silence vis-a-vis the Saudi aggression will discredit the international humanitarian organizations.

The letter said that it is necessary that the ICRC to enlighten the world public opinion asking for help to the people injured in the Saudi air strikes -- the human catastrophes created against the innocent Yemeni people.

The signatories said that the international humanitarian bodies are expected to relief aid workers and take effective steps for medical treatment of the people injured in the Saudi air strikes and stop the genocide-magnitude massacres in Yemen.


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