Sheikh Qassem: Palestinian Resistance Will Be Victorious As the Lebanese

Sheikh Qassem: Palestinian Resistance Will Be Victorious As the Lebanese


Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said Sunday the Zionist criminality against the struggling Palestinian people in Gaza "reveals the true danger of Israel to humanity by killing children, women and civilians; destroying houses over their residents; and disrupting the social life in a whole."

His eminence pointed out that the ongoing aggression unfold that the Zionist entity is a "crisis-maker and causing wars," adding that it is a hostile entity which is non-viable in our area, but at the expense of killing and displacing innocent people.

Sheikh Qassem stressed that "Gaza and Palestine are facing an international Zionist aggression, covered by the U.S. administration by not opposing the Zionist ground assault in the Gaza Strip."

He expressed beliefs that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is also covering the aggression "by his strong condemnation of launching rockets from Gaza into Israel, urging Palestinians to stop such unacceptable attacks, while calling on Netanyahu to show restraint only."

"The Palestinian people struggling in Gaza is being subjected to a real war, amid shameful official Arab silence and international conspiracy, but the valiant Palestinian resistance - with its honored people - will win just like it won during the two previous wars, and just like the Lebanese resistance won, because it is defending its land and right," Sheikh Qassem said.


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