Syria: Explosive Device Planted by Terrorists Goes Off in Daraa, Injuring Citizen and Damaging Cars

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - An explosive device planted by a terrorist group went off on Sunday in al-Sadd area in Daraa city, injuring citizen Mohammad Jabr and damaging his car, in addition to causing damage to a car belonging to a Jordanian man who was driving by.Mohammad Jabr told the Syrian TV that he was on his way home from purchasing groceries when the device exploded.Jordanian citizen Alaa Fayez al-Ubaydat said that the aforementioned car exploded after passing over an explosive device planted on the road, hitting his own car and another vehicle./129

پیام رهبر انقلاب به مسلمانان جهان به مناسبت حج 1441 / 2020
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