Zarif Says No Stop, Suspension in Work of Nuclear Facilities

 Zarif Says No Stop, Suspension in Work of Nuclear Facilities

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Friday that under the mutual understanding reached between Tehran and the P5+1 in Switzerland, the Islamic Republic will keep its peaceful nuclear program without shutting down any facilities.

Speaking upon his return to Tehran following nuclear talks in Lausanne, Zarif told reporters on Friday that the resolutions issued by the UN Security Council (UNSC) against Iran will be all annulled following the endorsement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a UNSC resolution.

“You are aware that all the six [UN] Security Council resolutions call for an end to Iran’s uranium enrichment program, a halt in Arak heavy reactor [activities] and the closure of Fordow facility among many other illegitimate demands. [However,] none of these demands will materialize,” Zarif said.

He added that the Natanz nuclear facility will also continue enriching uranium and there will be no stop or suspension in its activities “even for a single day.”

The top Iranian diplomat said based on the joint statement, limits on Iran’s uranium enrichment activities will be in place only for 10 years although there had been talks of more restrictions on the country’s enrichment work for a longer period of time.

Iran has said from the beginning that it would never implement the “unjust” and “illegal” UNSC resolutions, stated Zarif, reassuring that once the JCPOA is adopted as a UNSC resolution, it will render null and void all of the council’s previous nuclear-related resolutions against Iran.

Zarif stressed that all countries, including the US, should abide by the final agreement when it is finalized, adding that “under international law the US government is obliged to remove the sanctions at once.”

Zarif also rejected certain statements about the gradual removal of anti-Iran sanctions, saying the claims run counter to the current agreements between the negotiating sides.


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