Grand Ayatollah Mazaheri’s Guidelines Effective in Promoting Quranic Culture

Through his remarkable guidelines, Ayatollah Mazaheri offers practical ways to promote the culture of Quran and Etrat in society.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) -  Through his remarkable guidelines, Ayatollah Mazaheri offers practical ways to promote the culture of Quran and Etrat in society.

 This is according to Mohammad Reza Aram, head of the Research Center for Quran and Etrat affiliated to Islamic Azad University.

 Highlighting the role of Ayatollah Mazaheri as an eminent thinker in the fields of ethics, Quran interpretation and Ahlul-Bayt’s (AS) Seerah, he told IQNA that the center has tried to further familiarize students and professors with this grand master and his works.

 “An important category in the Quran and Etrat Contests organized by Islamic Azad University is the "Seerah of the Fourteen Infallibles (AS)",” he went on to say, adding that the participants are required to study the book written by Ayatollah Mazaheri in this regard featuring the ethical, social and political Seerah of Ahlul-Bayt (AS), introducing them to all Muslims as perfect role models of religious conduct and ethics.

 Mr. Aram also referred to two Quran exegeses written for students and professors which were published by the center last year based on the works and ideologies of a number of prominent figures including Imam Khomeini (RA), Allameh Tabatabaee, Martyr Motahari, grand Ayatollah Mazaheri and Hojat-ol-Islam Mohsen Gharaati.

 “Every year and on different occasions, the Quran and Etrat centers in various branches of Islamic Azad University (IAU) offer the CDs of Ayatollah Mazaheri’s courses on ethics to all those interested in religious ethics,” he noted.

 “Ayatollah Mazaheri’s use of an objective and palpable method as well as interesting examples in his courses is a good incentive for students to eagerly pursue such programs.”

 “As a renowned expert in Quranic and cultural issues, Ayatollah Mazaheri always attempts to further familiarize people with the lofty teachings of Ahlul-Bayt (AS) through his rich, specialized remarks presented on different occasions including Quranic exhibitions, festivals and competitions,” Mr. Aram further remarked.

 He also referred to the meetings of the cultural and Quranic activists of Islamic Azad University in Isfahan Province with grand Ayatollah Mazaheri, calling his guidelines quite helpful in planning their annual Quranic programs.

 “IAU's Quran and Etrat centers have been quite active in devising various plans to promote the scientific thoughts and works of great scholars among university students and academics," he said.


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