Grand Shia Cleric "Javadi Amoli" Meet Producers of Biopic of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)

The director and producer of the film “Muhammad (S)” recently visited a prominent Shia cleric of the Qom Seminary to gain his approval for the production of the biopic about the prophet of Islam.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli was fully briefed by Majid Majidi and Mohammad-Mehdi Heidarian on the international film project during the visit that lasted for an hour.

“I heard an effectual and joyful report. I hope God rewards your great efforts,” Javadi Amoli told Majidi and Heidarian.

“If someone wants to undertake an endeavor in a superfine manner, he/she should first possess great skills,” he noted.

“AS the Prophet (S) changed the world, a film about him should also be able to create a change,” he added.

“This film should work as a teacher for other films, because it is about someone who is a teacher for all people,” he stated.

Javadi Amoli also shared with them some crucial details about the life story of the Prophet Muhammad (S).

Director of the Oscar-nominated feature “Children of Heaven”, Majidi has hired a number of the world’s heavyweights in the film industry for “Muhammad (S)”, which will depict the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) from the age of 12 until his appointment to prophethood.

Majidi and children’s filmmaker and screenwriter Kambuzia Partovi have written the script for the film based on in-depth studies of historical texts and by consulting with many ulema (religious scholars) in several countries.

The movie will be shot by three-time Academy Award winning Italian director of photography Vittorio Storaro on locations in Iran and three other countries, which still remain unspecified.

In addition, Miljen Kreka Kljakovic, world-renowned Croat production designer will be collaborating on this film, which is to be distributed in Persian, Arabic and English.

Shooting is expected to commence in August.


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