Shiite Studies Confab to be held at Islamic College of London

A conference on “Shi’i Studies: Past and Present” will be held at the Islamic College of London on 9 May 2015.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency - The event is sponsored by the Islamic College, London, in conjunction with the Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies.

Shi‘ism and Modern Education, Approaches towards Shi‘ism in the Western Academy, Shi‘ism and traditional studies, Shi‘ism, Anthropology, and Ritual Practice and Shi‘ism in a Minority Environment are the main topics of the conference.
Academics and experts from universities across the world will give lectures in the conference.

The Study of Shi‘ite Islam in North American Universities, An Evaluation of the Approach of the Western Academia to the Shi‘a Sources Related to the History of the Text of the Quran, Philosophy and Shi‘ism: two sides of the same coin?, Texts, Interpretation and Commemorating Imam Hussein (AS) and The Right to Offence, the Right to Shiaphobia are some of the titles of some of the papers to be presented at the conference.


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