Imam Ali martyrdom anniversary observed across Pakistan amid tight security

Imam Ali martyrdom anniversary observed across Pakistan amid tight security

Millions of Muslims across Pakistan have held ceremonies to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali. The mourners praised Imam Ali’s devotion to justice. They also used the occasion to slam US and Israeli crimes against Muslims.

KARACHI: The central procession to mark the martyrdom of Imam Ali (PBUH) concluded peacefully at Hussainian Iraninan Imambargah in Kharadar on Monday evening amid tight security. The procession, said to be the largest on the occasion in the country, started from Nishtar Park in the afternoon. Several small processions from the across the city also converged into the main one.

A large number of police and paramilitary contingents were deployed on the procession route for security purposes. According to the city police spokesperson, Qamar Zaib Satti, a total of 5,571 personnel were deployed at the procession, including 22 superintendents of police and 43 deputy superintendents. A total of 146 police vehicles, including armoured personnel carriers, moved with the procession, the police spokesperson added, while helicopters also hovered to check security measures.

Sindh police spokesperson, AD Khowaja said that measures had been taken for the security of 650 Imambargahs in Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Larkana and Shaheed Benazirabad. The IGP directed the relevant officers to check the suspected vehicles at highways and set up blockades at entry and exit points of the city.

Meanwhile, Karachi police apprised the IGP that 834 Majalis will be held and 122 processions will be taken out from different areas of the city on Youm-e-Ali (Day of Imam Ali).

The participants of the procession then offered noon prayers at Imambargah Ali Raza at around 2pm. From there, they moved through the traditional routes, passing through Empress Market, Regal Chowk, Preedy Street and Kharadar before ending the march at Hussainian Iranian Imambargah.

Other processions in Sindh

Several Youm-e-Ali processions were held Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Nawabshah divisions on Monday. In Hyderabad, the main procession, organised by Anjuman-e-Imamia Sindh, started from Karbala Dadan Shah and ended at Qadam Gah Maula Ali (RA) in the evening.

Around 2,000 policemen, 350 Rangers personnel and 250 police commandos were deployed to secure the procession in Hyderabad while all 52 intersecting roads and streets were sealed off. Meanwhile, the largest procession in Mirpurkhas started from Bara Imambargah and ended at Dargah Makhan Shah.

LAHORE: Youm-e-Ali, the day of martyrdom of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A), was observed on Monday with traditional zeal amidst tight security.

Over 5000 policemen guided the route of the procession. CCTV cameras were installed to monitor the procession.

Around 400 mourning processions, besides the main Zareeh procession, were taken out from various localities in Lahore. The main procession, attended by thousands, was taken out from Mubarik Haveli, inside the Mochi Gate, early in the morning. It would be culminated at Karbala Gamay Shah in the evening after marching through Mochi Gate, Lal Khoo, Fazal Haveli, Takia Nathay Shah, Koocha Shian, Chowk Nawab Sahib, Chohatta Mufti Baqar, Purani Kotwali, Kashmiri Bazaar, Dabbi Bazaar, Sunehri Masjid, Paniwala Talab, Chowk Nogaza, Chowk Tarannum Cinema, Chowk Tibbi, Bazaar Hakeeman, Chowk Novelty, Mohalla Jogian, Unchi Masjid and Bhati Gate to finally reach Karbala Gamay Shah.

The proceedings had begun with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by eulogies and an account of events which led to Imam Ali’s (A) martyrdom.

Led by eulogist, the procession was attended by thousands of mourners. Many of them hitting themselves with chains (zanjir zani) and thumped their chests, while chanting: Ya Ali (AS), Ya Hussain (AS).

Mourning ceremonies were also held at various places in the city to highlight the righteous personality and achievements of Amir ul Mumenin (A). Scholars and orators shed light on the sacrifices rendered by Imam Ali (A) and his family.


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