Islamic leader: ‘We failed to give an Islamic response to anti-Muslim movie’

A Muslim religious leader in India has voiced his regrets over the violent reactions Muslims in some parts of the world gave to a blasphemous movie, saying that they failed to act in line with Islamic values in demonstrating their feelings.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - A Muslim religious leader in India has voiced his regrets over the violent reactions Muslims in some parts of the world gave to a blasphemous movie, saying that they failed to act in line with Islamic values in demonstrating their feelings.The controversial movie, titled “Innocence of Muslims,” has sparked violent protests across the Middle East due to its anti-Islamic content. The 14-minute YouTube trailer for the movie, which was posted last month, ridicules the Prophet Muhammad.Mohammad Salim Qasmi, rector of Darul Uloom Deoband, told Sunday’s Zaman that Muslims are easily provoked, hence damaging Islam’s image with their own hands.“Unfortunately, Muslims have fallen into a trap again and failed to give a response that befitted them [against the anti-Islam movie]. There were violent reactions against the provocative movie, blood was spilt. So, Muslims acted out of character and behaved the way those behind the movie expected them to,” Qasmi said.Dozens have died in violent protests linked to the movie. US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other embassy employees were killed after a barrage of small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar fire tore into the consulate buildings in Benghazi, setting the buildings alight.Qasmi, who is the leader of the Deobandi movement, which has more than 50,000 madrasas in more than 50 countries, was in Turkey to examine educational activities in the country.In an exclusive interview with Sunday’s Zaman, Qasmi voiced his belief that although acts of violence by Muslims were carried to TV screens following the blasphemous movie, common sense dominates the Islamic world.He said a majority of the Muslim world is in favor of solving problems with dialogue but that their attitude is deliberately ignored.“The goal of the group that organizes such provocative actions is first to mobilize radical circles in the Islamic world and then carry their acts of violence to the world’s agenda. So, they stain Islam though the hands of the Muslims. They want to stop the recent rising interest in Islam. They managed to achieve this once again with the provocative movie,” Qasmi explained.He is of the belief that the number of such provocative actions, to which there are many examples in the past, will increase in coming years.Just recently, French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.The publication came in the midst of widespread outrage over the anti-Muslim film posted on the Internet.According to Qasmi, there is a growing interest in Islam around the world, and those who want to stop this are speeding up their efforts under the umbrella of Islamophobia.“They are trying to prevent people from understanding the real Islam. They create superficial crises, manipulate Muslims to get them involved in violence and damage Muslims’ image. If the Muslims had given a response to the provocative movie in line with the principles of the Quran and sunnah [recommended practices of the Prophet Muhammad], it would be the Islamic world that would win. Fears about Islam would not have been pumped up,” he said.As for what could have been done as a reaction to the anti-Muslim movie, Qasmi complained about Turkey’s failure to actively intervene in the crisis.“We could have extended a hand to these people [the producer and supporters of the anti-Islam movie]. We should have shown them that what they do is wrong, and we should have explained to them what real Islam is. For instance, we could have organized an international conference. Turkey would do this best. We could have invited them to İstanbul and told them what the reality is. Only then, Muslims would have given the response that befits them and their religion. Unfortunately, we failed to achieve this. We hurt Islam with our own hands,” he lamented.Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, the producer of the anti-Islam movie, was arrested Sept. 27 in California for allegedly violating his probation, and a federal judge ordered him jailed without bond. Despite his arrest, violent protests did not stop and claimed the lives of more than 50 people across 20 countries. Hundreds of others were also injured during the protests, which also caused a substantial amount of property damage in the countries where they took place. The protests, which have taken place in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia and Algeria after Friday prayers, also greatly damaged the environment in these countries. The instability caused by these protests can lead to radical organizations such as al-Qaeda gaining power./129

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