Bahraini ex-MP: Saudis bribe West to keep silent over its war crimes

Bahraini ex-MP: Saudis bribe West to keep silent over its war crimes

Former Bahraini parliamentarian ‘Jalal Fairooz’ condemned Western silence over Saudi’s aggression in the region and stressed that the Saudis are bribing western governments to keep silent over its war crimes.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Fairooz said: Today there are clear evidences that the Saudis have been participating in all the terrorist attacks which are carried out around the Islamic world as well as supporting the terrorist groups.

Fairooz stressed that ‘The evidences are becoming clear every day’.

The Bahraini activist said: The Saudis have now stood against the Iraqi forces in the Iraq war fighting against ISIS and seeking to free their lands from the terrorists. This is another evidence that the Saudis are backing the terrorists groups.

Asked ‘Is it possible to prosecute Saudi Arabia in the international criminal court?’ he replied: ‘There has been some steps taken in the ICC but it seems that even this court is under the authority of the western regimes who are having good relation with Saudi Arabia.’

Fairooz said: If it was not Saudi who committed the war crimes in Yemen, the UN would have called it a war crime and the criminal would have been taken to the ICC. But unfortunately now the western regimes are avoiding and preventing the Saudi to be called criminals.

Asked ‘Why does the British government still support Saudi Arabia in selling arms to this country?’ he said: Unfortunately the western regimes are only interested in their own financial interest by selling arm to Saudis. They like to see agitated areas so their military companies can sale more weapon.

He added: They are also receiving cheap oil from Saudis so in general they are benefitting financially from Saudi.

Fairooz also claimed that the Saudis have been known to bribe the western governments.
He said: As the German chancellor said, West should stop the Saudi bribing and trying to buy the silence of the governments.

Asked about his opinion on the similarities between the Saudi and Israeli regimes he replied: There is no doubt that Saudis are going the same path as the Israeli government. Israelis have been doing expansionary and killing the innocent people without any heartfelt and that is exactly what Saudis are doing in Yemen and Bahrain by killing and the massacre going on in these countries.

Dozens of protestors gathered yesterday(Wednesday) in front of Saudi Arabia embassy in London and expressed their anger against the atrocities and war crimes committed by the Saudi household.

Angry participant chanted “Down with Al-Saud”, “Al-Saud baby killer”, “Al-Saud dictator”, and holding placards showing pictures of innocent children killed by Saudi bombings in Yemen.

Activist from Bahrain, Syria and Iraq also condemned the world’s silence against Saudi support for the terrorist groups namely ISIS and Wahhabists.


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