Bahrain opposition parties: no legitimacy for any solution without the people's say

The National opposition forces in Bahrain stressed that it is important to respond to the demands of the political majority of the people of Bahrain and to stop turning a blind eye on the clear demands that have been raised by the people two years ago for change and transition to democracy.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The opposition parties said that the use of violence and force against peaceful demonstrations for the people's legitimate demands has resulted in the death of many, while hundreds are still in detention and are tried for charges relating to freedom of opinion and expression. With all mentioned, there's no indication for a serious desire for change as arrests and unfair trials continue.

The final communiqué issued by the opposition parties following the protests which took place in many areas across Bahrain Wednesday (13th Feb 2013) stated that what Bahrain needs is an inclusive political solution which hands power to the people, ending the state of dictatorship, authoritarianism and monopoly in order to start a new phase in which the people are the source of sovereignty and decision in all issues.

The opposition parties stressed that any political solution must be referred to the people through a referendum or a constituent council to obtain the voice of the majority. Any solution that is not approved by the people will be of no legitimacy and will be considered incomplete, and will not be able to achieve long-term stability for Bahrain, they stated.

The opposition also stressed that the suppressive security method cannot end the national demands of the political majority of the people. Such fantasy is impossible because these demands go back to more than a century ago.

The opposition parties praised the citizens in Bahrain for their adherence to the peaceful approach in the pro-democracy movement despite the huge sacrifices and official violence and terror, the nonviolence of the people has defeated the official tyranny and proved to the world how the people of Bahrain are civilized.


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