Online - Bahrian Martyr Day December 17th 2012 / Updated 3

Martyrs’ Day is an annual observance held on December 17th in Bahrain to honour those recognized as martyrs for the nation.

Martyrs’ Day is an annual observance held on December 17th in Bahrain to honour those recognized as martyrs for the nation. The government of Bahrain has chosen the 16th December as the National day of Bahrain, when the truth is Bahrain gained independence from Britain on the 14th August 1971. The people of Bahrain have never accepted nor agreed to it since the previous.In 1994 uprising the first two martyrs, Hani Alwasti and Hani Khamis were killed on 17th December. Since then the Bahraini people designated it as Martyrs’ Day.Many lost their lives during the 1990’s uprising including women such as Fahdela Almetghawy and Zahra Kadhem. Now in 2011 the martyrs continue to fall, the youngest martyr is Sajida Faisal Jawad. Sajida was only a baby girl of just 5 days of age. She had inhaled tear gas in her house.Tens of thousands Bahrainis held a huge demonstration today 17th December 2012 in commemoration of their martyrs in Manam capital of Bahrain.Bahrian Online News:14:45 GMT  NEW - The regime forces arrest the human rights activist Al-Mahafdha as he is monitoring the peaceful event in the Capital Manama- Protesters gathered in front of England embassy and chanted "Party Has Finisherd, Go Home"- Heavy security presence to suppress peaceful pro-democracy protesters in the Capital Manama- The regime forces arresting a female pro-democracy protester in the Capital Manama- the Capital Manama now: protesters taking to streets peacefully demanding justice and accountability- protesters in the Capital Manama demanding accountability of all human rights abusers- Bahraini women insisting on their right to protest in the Capital Manama- regime forces,mostly non-Bahrainis, deployed in the Capital Manama- I witness 6 arrest in Manama now, one of them abdul majeed 60 years old , and the bloger hasan jaber Hasan Aljaber and one woman --------------------------5:00 GMTIn the early morning Bahraini people especially youths prepared to move towards Manama.6:00 GMTBahraini al-Khalifa forces detained 2 young people namely "Abbas al Ghassab" and Mohammad Khalil al Halvaji".8:30 GMTHuge of people are toward capital. Martyrs family are in front of protesters.11:00 GMTAl-Khalifa forces barred the entrance of the city and surrounded the area.11:10 GMTLeader of Islamic movement Wafa, "Abdul Wahhab Hussain" emphasized that "these activities started a few days ago and will be continued today"11:50 GMTDiraz Village: Youths set fire to tires and blocked the main street of the village.11:52 GMTAl Zahra City: Operation of "Our center in Manama" in the forth Square in the city was successful and protestors closed the southern entrance to the city by burning tires.11:55 GMTKaranah City: Revolutionary Youth barred the 9 March street.11:56 GMTSitrah News: Security forces attacked a house and arrested a 19 years old young man "Hussain Yousif". They also arrested 6 more young people in different attacks. They also surrounded the house of an activist "Elyas al Mala".12:00 GMTOne of the al-Wefaq leaders, "Ali al Ashiri" said: All the main roads toward Manama are closed, and emphasized that the Martyr Day will continue till changing the regime and we will insist on our rights.12:05 GMTSitrah News: Bahraini security forces arrested 5 more people namely: Sayed Hassan al Navah, Sayed Mohammad al Navah, Hussain Yousif, Salman Yousif and Ali Abbas Badah.  12:10 GMTManama: Authorities arrested a youth near Imam Hussain street.12:15 GMTHafs city: Revolutionary youth set fire on tires in "Ain Eldar" and "Abdul Karim square" area.

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