ISIS Twitter accounts bombard with thousands of graphic sexual images using Pornbots / Photos

ISIS Twitter accounts bombard with thousands of graphic images using Pornbots / Photos

AhlulBayt News Agency - Hackers have bombarded the online ISIS supporters with thousands of graphic images after being followed by hundreds of 'pornbots'.

The accounts do not tweet but feature graphic porno images and they are automatically generated profiles known as bots.

The images they post are deemed highly offensive to ISIS supporters as they follow a strict version of Islam.

And according to the Mirror, the pornbot hackers have targeted Twitter accounts, who use known ISIS hashtags, with some receiving follows from several hundred graphic accounts in minutes.

Among the accounts to be targeted were the Amaq, ISIS media agency, who were bombarded by pornbots before their account was disabled.

Another account that was hounded was one run by a French fighter, who has praised the deaths of journalists in Syria and Iraq who had 800 new porn followers in an few hours.

It is unclear who has carried out the hacking of the ISIS accounts by the porn profiles, which has forced some militants to make their social media private.


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