American Muslim Woman Spreads Message of Understanding

American Muslim Woman Spreads Message of Understanding

A Muslim woman in St. Louis says you can best understand her world when you walk a mile in her scarf

You can probably best understand somebody when you walk a mile in their shoes. A Muslim woman in St. Louis believes you can best understand her world when you walk a mile with in her hijab.

Sidra Nasser is an start-up entrepreneur at T-Rex, St. Louis tech hub. She's developing an app that allows women to digitally share their closets. They'll also be able to buy hijabs from women in developing countries. Those women will get some of the profit to keep their businesses going in third world countries.

Her business is giving her the opportunity to share something more than her smarts. She's breaking barriers and boundaries through her scarves and veils.

"I'm the only one who wears a hijab at T-Rex and everybody wonders. We are normal people as well. It's not what's on my head, it's what's inside my head that matters," she said.

She only recently started wearing the hijab.

"Everybody was so shocked, (they said) is she extremist all of a sudden?"

She isn't an extremist at all. Her hijab is her way of getting closer to her roots. She decided to use World Hijab Day to help share her roots with people who were just strangers in the moments before she met them. She brought her headdresses to the fifth floor of St. Louis tech hub and held hijab classes.

"It was an opportunity to create a bridge between my culture and the people I'm around everyday. I want it to be an inspiration for Muslims and non Muslims to show them you can break barriers. I'm the first female in my family to graduate from a U.S. institution," she said.

The women who came to Sidra's impromptu classes say they learned something her.

"It doesn't feel as foreign as i thought it would,' said Keely Bailey. "That's such a beautiful picture that she feels empowered by something other people look at as oppressive," said Katie Saunders.

Sidra hopes she's uncovering her world so for a moment, people can look inside.

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