Prominent Kashmiri Shia scholar passed away in Mecca

Prominent Kashmiri Shia scholar passed away in Mecca

Sayyed Qalbi Hussein Razavi, one of the Kashmiri Shia scholars of Ahlul bayt World Assembly passed away in Mecca.

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly -ABNA- Sayyed Qalbi Hussein Rizvi, one of the Kashmiri Shia scholars of Ahlul bayt World Assembly died two days ago in Mecca from a heart attack.

Hussein Rizvi had done various activities for spreading Shiite school of thought in India and translated lots of books in this field.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency expresses its condolence to the Shiites community of Kashmir, his relatives, pupils and especially his son, Sayyed Rohollah Risvi.

Kalbi Hussain’s Death Widely Mourned

The demise of Agha Syed Qalbi Hussain Rizvi in Makkah on Friday has been widely condoled in Kashmir and beyond.

Representative of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei in India in his condolence message has paid tributes to the departed soul saying Agha Rizvi had dedicated his life to the cause of Islam and for propagation of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and his progeny.

For last twenty years Agha Rizvi has tirelessly rendered services to the Kashmiri Hajj pilgrims in Makkah by guiding them and making useful literature available in their language”, said Hojatul Islam Agha Mehdi Mehdavipur in his message.

Syed Kalbi Hussain Rizvi who was in Makkah as part of Iranian Hajj Mission passed away in the holy city at around 4 AM on Friday following cardiac arrest, family sources said.

Kalbi Hussain has been part Hajj mission for last 26 years acting as interpreter and guide during the period of Hajj. He has penned several books and translated scores others in Urdu

Born in Shalhar village in Ganderbal district, Qalbi Hussain migrated to Iran soon after the triumph of Islamic Revolution. Deeply influenced by the leadership of Imam Khomeini, Kalbi Hussain settled in the holy city of Qom and remained associated with various organizations involved in the propagation of Islamic teachings.

Maulana Abbas Ansari, patron Ittehadul Muslimeen has also paid tributes to late Qalbi Hussain describing him a revolutionary scholar who did a commendable work in introducing Islamic Revolution in Kashmir.

Kalbi Hussain Rizvi efferts in Kargil

Kalbi Hussain Rizvi was the key person who awakened the people of Kargil who were close minded.

Kalbi Hussain Rizvi passed accurate information to the Kargili people and dramatically changed the way of thinking of Kargili Shia Communtieis.

As a result of his efforts people of Kargil, boys and girls, started their education at the center of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust. After that close to 60 public schools with secular education was establish.

Kalbi Hussain Rizvi contributed his good time in Education Trust, he was believed that Islamic knowledge should be introduced in every secular schools. He suggested that we need Coaching Center were all metric pass student can go to study Islamic knowledge.


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