Al Azhar scholars support discharging Tunisian president

Some of Al Azhar scholars endorsed discharging Tunisian president by calling it an Islamic act.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Some of Al Azhar scholars supported discharging Tunisian president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali from his power and call it as an Islamic act.

“They announced when the governor of the society does not abide by the rule and rejects executing the assigned rules, people are allowed to stand against him and do not obey him,” they announced.

Professor of comparative Islamic jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University in Cairo and members of American Muslim Jurisprudence Assembly, Mohamed Raafat Osman said,” People should obey the governor’s order till the time he abides by the Islamic rules. “

He narrated an event and said,” a group of Muslims went to a trip with their governor. During the trip the governor got irate and asked them weather they mush obey him or not. The answer of the group members was positive, so the governor ordered them to gather firewood and they did that. After that he ordered them to put themselves into the fire but this time they rejected the order and said,” we believed in Islam to escape from fire so how can we go into the fire?”

When they came back from the trip they went to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and retold the event. The prophet (PBUH) said, “People should obey the governor till the time he obeys God.”

“This point illustrates that there is a relationship between the obeying the governor and his abeyance from God and Islamic rules,” Mohamed Raafat Osman said.

Assembly member of Islamic studies, Abold al-mata Biyumi said,” God says in his book,” Obey Allah and obey the prophet and those among you who are capable of giving” but this does not mean that people should obey governors in any condition. People should obey the governors till they abide by the Islamic rules.

When the governor commits corruptions, rioting and standing against him is necessary.

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