What is outcome of “Riyadh Agreement 2” in Yemen?

What is outcome of “Riyadh Agreement 2” in Yemen?

On Wednesday morning, the text of the “Riyadh Agreement 2” concluded between the Hadi’s government and the so-called Southern Transitional Council (STC).

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): This agreement, known as the Riyadh Agreement, was signed in November last year, but reaped failure. The disputes between the Saudis and the Emirates make this agreement fails. The new Riyadh Agreement in southern Yemen comes at a time when previous issues are still existing even have increased.

The first Riyadh Agreement signed in 2019, included the return of ex-Hadi to Aden within seven weeks, merger of the Southern Transitional forces with Hadi’s forces, but the differences witnessed a growing pace until the Transitional Council declared self-rule and seized large lands from the areas under Hadi’s control.

Observers don’t believe that the STC will surrender to a failed government [Hadi’s government] while living its worst political days.

It appears that the UAE and Saudi Arabia also know very well that the rapprochement between the southerners and Hadi in the framework of an agreement such as the Riyadh Agreement is in fact the last attempts to unite battle against Ansarullah movement. There is no doubt that if the “Riyadh Agreement 2” in southern Yemen fails, the division of Yemen will be the main pillar of the Saudi policy.


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