Vaccine diplomacy & decadence of democracy

Vaccine diplomacy & decadence of democracy

Strategic Council Online- Corona pandemic, its consequences and impacts have caused revival, redefinition and even change in debates and discussable concepts of different sciences such as experimental, medical and humanities.
Aabed Akbari, Expert, International Affairs

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): International relations and diplomacy are among areas affected by the pandemic. Part of present trends, challenges and crises in relations among countries have been, undoubtedly, affected by the pandemic, parts of which are as follows:

Rising nationalism in a world with highlighted globalist slogans

Globalization: During the past three decades and after the cold war ended, pompous and highlighted slogans on globalization and global thinking have been raised by some countries of the world specially the Western ones. The slogans were even ideologist on and supportive to military expedition and unjust boycotts, sugar-coated under deceiving titles such as promotion of democracy and freedom but caused damage and even destroyed some countries of Western Asian region. Now, in such a situation and after the outbreak of a bio-crisis, we witness the very same countries who claimed the globalization on politics, culture an economy taken their national refuge rapidly. They, not only, did not facilitate the usual and fair provision of goods and required hygienic services but also applied every instrument to hamper the normal order. In a way that news such as prohibition of selling medical equipment (face masks and respirators), vaccine hoard, non-sharing of scientific achievements of vaccine manufacturing and breaching their promises to deliver the donations declared by rich countries specially the US are now considered as something normal and associate a kind of apartheid in this field. World Health Organization has time and again complained about the behavior of Western governments on non-delivering of vaccines to other countries. Specially, the developing and pour countries are in strong economic and medical equipment needs emanated from the pandemic.

Flexing Muscles and Mutual Allegations of Major Powers on the Origin of Corona

Regardless of being intentional or unintentional nature of corona disease and its expansion, the issue became an opportunity for the US to enter into a propaganda campaign against her potential rival, i.e. China, accused her to wage the crisis and tarnish her international reputation. It might be said earlier that it was a populistic instrument and personal approach of Trump to win the votes inside the US (in presidential campaign) but the order issued by Biden administration to investigate the origin of the disease show an anti-China strategy adopted by the US, in which traces for an international conflict could be found. If the trend continues more than ever in the past, this will hamper the global fight against the disease and pave the ample ground for a new crisis and even a new political, security and bio-crisis which endanger the international security.

In view of the above mentioned, it seems that if the present trend continues, there will be a disorder in global fighting against corona, and all countries of the world will lose. In this situation, all countries of the world should find strategies and interaction policies to contain and leave behind the crisis. One of the important means to materialize this, is to promote democracy in different fields. Diplomacy can promote cooperation among countries on relevant issues and help considerably the global management of the crisis. One of the different types of diplomacy might be in vaccine field, in particular among countries that have the potentials to manufacture vaccines.

Having been under the severest international sanctions, and in view of her scientific and infra-structure capacities in the field of vaccine at regional level, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made strides in developing vaccine. In case of exploiting the production lines in the next few months, in addition to supply the domestic demands it can meet a part of international requirements. The senior officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have repeatedly announced their intention to help other countries, particularly the pour ones.

In view of this, it seems that with supporting of vaccine diplomacy, Islamic Republic of Iran can invite all countries of the world to promote interaction and cooperation among themselves and to prepare necessary tactics and trends to accelerate the fair distribution of vaccine throughout the world. Thus, help to contain and manage the global crisis as soon as possible. If this happens, it can be as a solution for similar bio-crises in future. Moreover, directly or indirectly can offer more power to the Islamic Republic of Iran at regional level as well as international system.


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