US failure to deliver its pledges in Afghanistan

US failure to deliver its pledges in Afghanistan

An expert of Afghanistan said that Afghanistan occupied by the US had no achievement on basic requirements of every country. He added that all evidences stipulate that Americans were not after finishing the extremist Jihadists, instead, they only managed them. They wanted to direct the group to secure their interests in a way.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Addressing Strategic council Online, PirMohammad Mola Zehi, said about unfulfilled promises of the US after Afghanistan occupation:” Under the pretext and aiming at control the Jihadi current who committed twin tower attacks, World Trade Center as well as the Pentagon Headquarters in the vicinity of Washington, launched a military attack against Afghanistan. Now, after many years, the US declared her decision to leave the country, we notice that the fight against the groups was not only controlled and uprooted as they had already declared, but also gain more power as time went on.”

He said:” it true that they managed to assassinate Bin Laden in the North of Pakistan, but in fact, now both Al Qaeda is present and ISIS is active in Afghanistan. More importantly, the Taliban whom were dethroned by the Americans, are coming back again and Americans accepted them”.

The US is looking for managing Jihadists in Afghanistan in line with their benefits  

The Afghanistan expert said Taliban has gained more power than the government supported by the US. He added that there comes a question into one’s mind that “if Americans were, in principle, honest in what they said or else there was something behind the scene. Apparently, they wanted to control the extremist Jihadists but in fact, they managed the issue”.

MolaZehi emphasized:” All evidences stipulate that the Americans were not looking for finishing the extremists, but they have managed them. They wanted to direct the group in way to secure their interests. Now, it is true that they declare they are going to leave Afghanistan but it seems they just want to change the situation and not leave the country. Thus, in new situation, they don’t have to pay for human and financial costs”.

The expert emphasized that they want to reshape their visible physical presence into clandestine one. So, they maintain their presence in Afghanistan. He added that:” there are some news and analyses endorsing a kind of coordination between the US and Taliban. They have shown a green light for the return of Taliban to power. If this happens, it will lead to an internal war.

Stabilization of power was not materialized in Afghanistan

The expert said:” Opposite to the US promises in political field, stabilization of power was not materialized. He spelled out:” The group who took power under liberal democrat title and claimed that they can make changes in political, social, cultural and economic fields, was not successful. They failed. However, one should remember that we are speaking about the Afghanistan where has been war during the past 4 decades. The country has experienced all of its military and political figures.

Molazehi added that a range from absolute monarchism to constitutional monarchism, from the nationalist government of Davood khan, to the Marxist government, and the Islamic government of Mujahedin all defeated. Liberal democrats who took office with the US assistance, they failed too. The differences are so extensive that they did not manage to find a solution for the country. Perhaps, the new government conceives that if they can deal with Taliban, there might be a new experience which should be tried.

He said:” the Americans had enough and precise information about Afghanistan. It was not true that they involved themselves without any planning. As they have their own certain long term objectives, they will not leave the country easily”.

MolaZehi said:” The US is looking for provision of a kind of security of the country. They have had similar experience to privatize the security in the past with Blackwater. Indeed, the whole country will be subjected to a contract with a security company”.

Having stressed the necessity of playing an active role by the United Nations in this regard, he added:” The United Nations should act as it did in the First Bonn Conference. When the plans were integrated and operational, the ground was paved for understanding among different currents and influential parties in Afghanistan. The guarantee should be given to prevent any other intervention in the country”.

The expert of Afghanistan mentioned insufficient security and under-development as other factors of the US failure in Afghanistan. He underscored that:” Multi-ethnical structure of power is the most important issue in a country like Afghanistan. The structure of power should be in a way that the majority of people feel their interests are met. Such a promise was dot delivered. Despite lots of investments made by Americans in this field, yet they failed. We still witness that Afghanistan is not acting like a nation but it acts like an ethnic group”.

MolaZehi said:” the most important problem which continues to exist is the supremacy of ethnicity over nationality. There is not an Afghan national identity yet. On the other hand, the Americans failed to build nation. The democracy that the Americans were looking for is the very same situation we are witnessing now. There are so many differences of opinions between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah which make the democracy, in practice, meaningless”.

He added that:” Neither sophisticated arms put at the disposal of the army and security forces as the main providers of security in the country, nor particular training course was delivered to them. The US and NATO enjoyed to have modern equipment but they failed against Taliban with ineffective organization among the group with their arms, weapons and capabilities weaker than those of the Americans”.

The Afghanistan analyst reminded that:” Americans had a similar experience of their presence in Japan, where the country achieved advancements. They could have been successful in Afghanistan too but the US did not achieve anything in Afghanistan occupied by them. No achievements can be mentioned in governance, nation-building, or economic fields. Still, if the Americans do not pay the salary of the state and army employees, the country will collapse. Therefore, no achievement was made in basic areas preliminary needed by any country”.


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